Monday, October 8, 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio in Smokey Cinnamon

My readers have already seen my post on the Fall 2012 Maybelline Eye Studio color tattoo shadows that I picked up a month or so ago (post here - I also picked up Rich Mahogany, which is not shown).  I liked the beautiful fall colors so much, I decided to give the eyeshadow quads a whirl.  The first one I picked up was this one: Smokey Cinnamon.   

Months ago, my husband (then fiancĂ©) and I were shopping at our local mall and I stopped by the MAC counter at Macy's.  A very young, perfectly made up employee advised me into looking at some green shadows with brown in the crease.  I took her advice, went home and tried out the colors myself, immediately disliked them and put them away.  A couple months later, I tried them out again and liked the combination.  Her advice was a little ahead of its time, but I'm glad to see so many variations coming out on the combination she suggested.  This is very similar.

The lightest shade does have a minor amount of champagne shimmer, but I like its tone.  Not too yellow, not too white.  It's a nice inner corner color as well as brow highlight.  The lighter green shade, which has some chrome tendencies, can look yellow so you must apply strategically.  I like applying this color on the inner half of the lid.  The third shade is a reddish brown, which works nicely on the outer part of the lid, blended well.  I believe I did use this as a crease shade once or twice and didn't really like it as much.  With its warm, reddish tone, it can resemble rust on the eyes, which on some skin tones can be unflattering.  The final color, a nice evergreen that errs more on the matte side, makes a beautiful crease definer and accent color (such as the lower lash line).

Fall is a great season for playing with color - jewel tones and neutrals.  For us fair-skinner, light-haired gals, it's a great time with lots of options.  I like wearing more neutral colored clothes in colder weather, as I believe I've said on here before, so makeup is a fun way to add some color without going over the top.

What are your favorite fall makeup items?