Friday, October 5, 2012

The Mascara Gimmick

Every now and then, a cosmetic product goes "viral" and everyone is suddenly raving about it like it's the second coming.  One of the more recent crazes was Maybelline Mega Plush Volum Express mascara.  Because I was in the market for a new mascara, I was excited to pick this up.

Excitement was short lived.

I got it home and opened it up and immediately saw my mistake.  Maybelline created a gimmick mascara - the wand itself has an "elbow" that bends, I guess to work better with application, but it basically reduces the control you have when putting on the mascara.

The other issue is with the bristles on the applicator.  They're of varying length, presumably to aid in a more thorough application, but it mostly inhibits application.  Some of the bristles are so long, they keep you from getting the shorter bristles to your lashes.  I mostly just got this all over my eye, and the formulation wasn't enough to compensate.

Sometimes *new* and *exciting* is a great thing.  The beauty community would be a really boring place if companies and professionals didn't constantly improve and innovate.  But sometimes these new approaches just don't work.  Sometimes an innovation isn't anything more than just a gimmick.  We as consumers just need to learn to tell the difference.

Have any of you used this mascara?  What do you think?  Leave a comment below!



  1. Such a bummer! I have had REALLY good luck with this mascara, its been a great everyday one for me. If I want drama I go for Maybelline's Falsies Flared. Xo Erin

    1. Really? Maybe it was just this particular type. I want to say at some point that I tried Falsies and liked it. I know I typically like Maybelline mascara except for one type that was waterproof and would NOT come off, despite makeup remover. Does the Falsies Flared have the same wand?

  2. I hated this mascara, the formula of this mascara is horrible! It barely lasted 5hours, and I bought the waterproof one. I bought it to wear in the summer, and it never lasted! I have to agree with you on the brush. Not my favorite kind/hard to use.


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