Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Clean-Out Post: Too Many Body Lotions!

A couple weeks ago, I ran out of my favorite body conditioner. I didn't feel like making a long drive in either direction to get to the nearest store, so I went online to order a replacement. The price, which I'd conveniently forgotten, made me cringe. It was $32.95. I bought it anyway because I'd been using it nearly every day for months, especially since getting pregnant. But it got me thinking... how much lotion and body conditioner do I own, and how much do I use?

This week I went around our master suite with an empty cardboard box, collecting all things moisturizing from my nightstand, dresser, bathroom counter, and shower. The results were astounding:

If I used all of these, I wouldn't be concerned... but many of them are old and dusty, or don't get used because I just don't like them. Why on earth am I keeping them?! It's time for a Clean Out!

First up is the Body Butters by The Body Shop (strawberry and tangerine scented):

I don't love the packaging on these - I've dipped my fingers in these two so many times. But I do like the consistency and I love the fragrance. No, they're not deep conditioning, but they're fun. I've used them, so I will keep these around a little bit longer. If they're still around in 4 weeks without serious use, then into the trash they go! Keep.

Next we have body butters from Fortune Cookie Soap (Whipped Cream [a Christmas holiday scent] and a small Candy Aisle edition):

I've used both of these, and tried SO hard to like them. But I don't. They smell bad and they don't moisturize enough to get around the fragrance. Whipped Cream has a metallic medicinal smell, and Candy Aisle has a really strong fragrance I cannot identify - it reminds me of baking, but the smell is so strong, it's impossible to enjoy it. Toss.

Then we have a freebie that came in one of my beauty subscription boxes. I can't remember which one, but it's not one I'm still receiving now, I'm sure. This is Ayres Body Butter:

It smells like old lady. No thank you. Toss.

Next up? Shea Suffle in Ecstasy by Carol's Daughter:

This was another one included in a beauty box. I remember reading blog posts and seeing YT videos where people were pissing themselves in excitement over this one. I don't get the hype. You can tell I've used it a bunch of times, but it doesn't heal my dry hands at all, and the smell is not what I would call "ecstasy." Pew. Toss.

The next is a popular Lush choice: Celestial. 

Although this is actually a facial moisturizer, people do use it for general body moisturizing. It didn't totally suck, but it's alright. I used a lot of it... but it expired last year, so into the trash it goes! Toss.

Next is Sacha Juan body lotion:

Yet another lotion from a beauty box... PopSugar MustHave maybe? Or Fit Fab Fun. I can't remember. Either way... it smells strongly like kitchen cleaner and I never ever EVER reach for it. Toss.

We have another beauty box... this one came recently. It's First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream:

I have their repair cream in a squeezy tube and love it - use it every day. This still has the seal on it, and I know I will use it. It actually moisturizes. Keep.

Next is Johnson & Johnson Melt Away Stress lotion:

I don't know how long I've had this, but I have used most of it. Because I have had this so long, I think it's probably done. We'll have plenty of delicious baby products coming into our house in the near future, so I can let this one go. Toss.

Next is a fragrance lotion, TokyoMilk Dark Tainted Love lotion:

This came with a the perfume, which my husband and I both love! It's the sexiest scent ever. Keeping it, not for the moisturizing, but merely for the fragrance. It can help my perfume last longer. Keep.

Another perfume-companion lotion (or two) are the Clean lotions below:

These are still sealed, and are the perfect size for my handbag. I like the Clean fragrance line... who doesn't like smelling like they just got out of the shower? So, I'm going to hang onto these for my bag. Keep.

This takes us to the reason for the clean-out in the first place - my holy grail body moisturizing product: Lush's Ro's Argan body conditioner!

This is my third or fourth container. You apply it after bathing in the shower (I do it as the very last thing before rinsing quickly and turning off the water) and it works SO WELL! It smells lightly like roses and honey, is creamy, and I find my skin is very moisturized and soft. Now that I am pregnant (with the big belly to prove it - seriously, my laptop is resting on it now), I need extra help in the moisture department because as skin stretches, it itches like CrAzY! I have found that Ro's Argan takes care of that... I concentrate mostly on my boobs and belly, but it works all over. I wouldn't put it on your face, though. I don't need additional body lotion when using this. Keep keep keep keep KEEP!

Then we have another Lush product: massage bars.

I don't know the names of these two, but the fragrance has faded over time. They're nice to rub over my belly if I really need it, but they do leave a slightly greasy feeling. I will keep one (the one on the right because it smells a little like chocolate) and let go of the one on the left. Reduce.

Then we have an oldie but goodie, Aquaphor:

This is okay, but I can't really use it as a body moisturizer. It's thick and greasy. I don't love it. I've also had this for a while without a lot of use. Toss.

The maker of Aquafor also has another lotion, and I just happen to have that one too:

I like to have something without fragrance that is simple and effective, especially when my skin is REALLY hurting. I've used this one a bit too... so let's use it up! Keep.

Next up are two body lotions I also use and enjoy:

The Vaseline Spray and Go moisturizer (with aloe) came in handy when my husband had a sunburn on his shoulders and back. My back gets dry in the winter, and this is so convenient. It's lightweight, smells lovely, and actually works. Keep.  And then the Hemp body moisturizer is great beside my bed. It smells really nice (not too feminine, not too strong, not too sweet... just clean and cuddly and happy) and I like how it works. Keep.

And finally, this dusty beast:

I don't remember buying the Nivea Body Pure Moisture, but I imagine it's been several years... like 4 or more. This bottle has a layer of dust on it. It doesn't get used, is probably expired, and clearly was a waste of money. Toss.

So, all in all, I reduced quite a bit of my stash of moisturizers. Here is the final survivor pic:

Some aren't completely out of the woods (I'm looking at you, Body Shop butters), but it's a good step in the right direction. Hopefully I will be able to use some of these up and reduce the "collection" even further.

How about you? How much lotion do you have? Have you cleaned anything out recently?