Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week Wrap-Up

Hello, TRB Readers! It's been a while since my last update, so I thought I would come back and do a little recap of the last week or so.

We had a wedding in the family! It was a lot of fun seeing everyone, and it's always nice to be back in (and near) New York City. I miss my days living there.

I had jury duty, but ended up serving my time in one day and was able to pick up our dog from "camp" early. He didn't have to spend the night there, which clearly thrilled him (as evidenced by his refusal to look at me in the picture).

On the plus side, I'm finally starting to feel better from the really bad cold I caught a couple weeks ago. It's one of those that knocks you on your ass! Whew. And I got a little Sephora order I placed in a moment of weakness…

Then this happened.

The diamond is gone. We even had a plumber take apart the sink to see if it was in there. No dice. That was not a good day.

I am getting back on track with my fitness, and hit the treadmill yesterday… finally! I've lost 4 pounds so far and I'm looking to push through this wall and keep going.

I tried a new recipe for chicken salad. This one has cubed chicken (I just boiled chicken breast and then diced), cranberries, steamed broccoli florets chopped up really good, then a "mayo" sauce of fat-free plain yogurt, lemon juice, olive oil, and a little bit of sugar. I mixed it up and put it in a whole wheat pita with some Organic Girl Super Greens. (Served with some bbq kettle chips, which are my faaaaaaavorite and a Diet Coke.)

So this week had its ups and downs, but I'm feeling better, getting better sleep, and I've got a fridge full of delicious foods to cook in the next few days while we endure the newest snow storm. How was your week?