Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Updates on Previous Posts: Le Tote

As my blog passes 80,000 hits and rounds the corner to 100,000, I decided to look through my posts and find some of the more popular ones and give updates this week. I noticed that a lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers post raves about various products that you never, ever hear about again, and it can be helpful to hear an update on whether or not they're still loving things they reviewed.

Today's topic is Le Tote, originally reviewed here.

If you're not sure what Le Tote is, a long explanation can be found at the link above. The bottom line is this: for a monthly fee, you get sent unlimited "totes" of clothing and accessories that are chosen just for you by a stylist. Should you like the items they send, you may choose to keep them at a discounted price. Or, you just pack it all back up in the envelope and send it back for your next tote.

So the million dollar question is… am I still loving it? Am I even still subscribed?

Yes! Other subscription services have come and gone, but Le Tote has been a mainstay in my life since I first subscribed over a year ago. Since first launching, they have revamped their website to allow you to easily give feedback on your totes, and choose items to go in your "closet" for future totes. I have emailed back and forth with some of the employees a couple of times, and they've been very responsive and friendly. The clothes, for the most part, have been good quality. (I did have one situation where a dress arrived with a hole in it. It was handled by customer service to my satisfaction.)

I do wish the site allowed us to give more detailed feedback on some of the items. For instance, I have gotten a lot of sheer shirts, and ultimately I had to email them to ask them to stop sending those, as my work style is casual but not that casual. They also have sent a few items that didn't fit exactly right or had a fabric that was unappealing (like static-magnets) and it would be helpful to be able to tell them quickly why it didn't work.

I have kept a few of the items, especially in more recent totes. They've held up well so far, and I've gotten more compliments about things I'm wearing than ever before. I love that I always seem to have some new fashion option to try out without having to brave the mall, wait in lines, bear dressing rooms, and pay dearly for something that may end up never getting worn!

Since my original post, Le Tote has started offering different types of totes at different price points. They've also expanded the lists of designers and brands they offer. They're growing nicely and it's nice to see!

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