Monday, January 7, 2013

Le Tote Review and First Impressions

Hi everyone!

Lately I've been struggling with fashion options and choices.  I don't know about you all, but more and more frequently, I have been walking through the mall and am just unimpressed.  Certain fashion trends  won't work for me.  I mean, flowered print leggings?  Really?  And a lot of times, stores cater to teenagers and older women, but not women my age.  A lot of my friends and peers are shopping in the maternity section, but that doesn't quite work for me either.  So, despite my best efforts, I've been wearing some pretty boring outfits.

Over Christmas I was lamenting my fashion troubles to my sister-in-law, who works in fashion design. That's when she told me about a new service called Le Tote.  It's like a beauty subscription service, except instead of getting a box of beauty samples to try, you get a tote bag with 3 garments and 2 accessories to borrow, wear as you please, then return for another tote.  You don't even have to clean them - they're cleaned for you!  This would allow me the opportunity to keep staple pieces in my wardrobe, then rotate more seasonable, on-trend pieces throughout.  I'd have 2-3 new outfits every 10 days or so!  I don't have to fight crowds at the mall, and I don't have to go through racks and racks of clothes trying to find something to fit me.  I signed up immediately.

When you sign up, you give the stylists at Le Tote your measurements, and take a style profile to let them know the kinds of clothing you wear.  I tend to lean more towards the preppy, classic style.  You can add on an optional insurance to cover damage to the clothes for 5 dollars, which I did.  Then, sit back and wait for your tote to arrive.  Mine arrived within a week, despite holidays.

Everything was wrapped in tissue paper with a notecard explaining the instructions on returning.  Inside the tote was 3 garments, two accessories, a pre-paid return envelope, and a handwritten note welcoming me to the service and letting me know they appreciate any comments or suggestions I may have.

So let's get to the garments!

First up is this satin-y sleeveless top. The colors are perfect for fall and winter, and the style works well for me to wear to work.  The fit was very nice, albeit a little big.  However, it looks very nice on, and I felt very comfortable in it.

The detailing along the neckline was also very interesting, and I liked how it was different without being over the top.  It was actually quite flattering.

The next shirt was a sheer, long-sleeved shirt with a slightly draped front.

The color is sort of a taupe, "greige" shade, and it was ever so slightly sheer.  I actually paired the two shirts together because it's winter here in the Northeast and it's far too cold to be wearing anything sleeveless.  Because the two shirts were loose and flowy, I glammed them up a little with black skinny jeggings from American Eagle and nude flats from Nine West.  Here's another picture of some of the detail of the shirt, which even had pockets.

The final garment was the best piece of all... a long-sleeved, softer than soft, green hi-lo sweater dress with brown belt and shoulder accents.

I actually snapped a picture of this dress on, showing how I styled it.

This dress reminded me of my dancer days, so I styled it with brown tights, dark brown suede wedge boots that give my legs a little something extra, and a sock-bun on the top of my head. Makeup was kept simple, and I wore my FitBit, of course.  I got more compliments on this outfit than I have in as far as I can remember. It was flattering, comfortable, and very pretty.  I was sad to send this one back!

Finally, we have the two accessories:

I paired the necklace with the green dress for a little pop of fun color, and the earrings with the other shirts, along with a simple long gold Jewelmint necklace I received from my Glossybox in December.

After I wore both outfits, I packed them back up in the envelope included in my tote, and shipped them back to Le Tote to be cleaned and shared with some other lucky subscriber. I'm anxiously awaiting my next tote!

I haven't subscribed long enough to give a real idea on turn around times, but I have to say that I'm very pleased so far with the quality of the items and the service.  I liked my first tote very much and I'm looking forward to getting more things to try and keeping my wardrobe constantly refreshed with bits and pieces that are in-season, in-trend, and chosen just for me.

I recommend using a reference link, not because I get credit (even though I do), but because it supposedly helps you get priority off the waitlist.  My link is here:  It seems that the waitlist is currently about 2 weeks, but I imagine it will grow longer as news spreads about Le Tote!

If you try it out, let me know what you get and how it works for you!!


Disclaimer: My subscription was paid for entirely by me.  I did not receive a discount and was not asked to review Le Tote.  I chose to do so because I think it's great and other people might like it too.  No sketchiness here.