Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sick Day Beauty Essentials

Few things are worse than catching a cold that makes you feel like you've been run over by an 18-wheeler. And this week, it was my turn to get knocked on my rear end.

I am lucky enough to have a job where I can work from home if I need to, and even though no one sees me but my husband and pets on those days, I still find that taking a shower and making myself somewhat presentable (or at least resembling a human) really helps me actually be at least a little productive.

So here's a list of my essentials for those days when I'm just not feeling my best, but need a little something to perk up my look. Note: on my worst sick days where I'm flat laid out in bed and on the couch, I wear no makeup at all. That's all there is to it. These are for the better sick days with some semblance of energy!

Here they are:

  1. My favorite lip treating product is actually the Blistex Lip Infusion rollerball (in cherry) which apparently is no longer made (sad face). So, I have put in another Blistex lip product: Cold and Allergy lip balm. I have basically tried every brand out there and Blistex seems to be my favorite. When I'm sick, I don't like thicker lip products, as I'm already sort of phlegmy and gross-feeling (TMI?) so I want something that's going to heal chapped lips and make me feel better without leaving a waxy buildup.
  2. Origins GinZing Eye Cream - I love this stuff and have been using it for several months now. I like that it's creamy, soothing, doesn't irritate my eyes, and helps reduce puffiness - a great thing when you're not feeling well. When I'm sick, I definitely make sure to wash my hands thoroughly before putting a finger in this jar, then I get enough for both eyes in one dip. I don't want to contaminate anything with these germs!
  3. Origins VitaZing moisturizer - This moisturizer is a staple in my routine. It helps moisturize my skin, and adds a slight amount of radiant color that can seriously perk up otherwise dull and pale skin when I am sick.
  4. I don't love wearing eye shadows when I'm sick, but I like perking up my eyes a little, so I reach for my MAC paint pot in Bare Study. It's a light, nude color that adds a teeny bit of sheen and light to the lids. Looks natural and healthy and stays in place.
  5. If I'm going to blow my nose and rub it all day, I need something soft and moisturizing. Currently, I'm using Puffs Plus Lotion. I like that the boxes are cute, too.
  6. If I'm feeling really adventurous, I try to make my skin look a little less awful. One product that really helps is my It Cosmetics CC Cream. This is moisturizing, lightweight, and yet full coverage. I like that it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a blanket of makeup, yet it reduces redness and makes me look a little more alive. I'm nearly through my first bottle of it, and have already purchased another - it's that good. I feel like I'm doing something good for my skin while looking more polished at the same time.
  7. I've said this time and time again, but mascara is a must for me. Because I've been sick, I've been wearing my glasses every day, but I still like a little something. I don't like waterproof mascara ever, so I have been trying out a new water resistant mascara, CoverGirl's Flamed Out mascara. I like it so far, and a full review will be coming soon. Bottom line, a nice water resistant, natural-looking mascara can help waken up the eyes and perk up your look.
  8. My husband got me this for Christmas, and thank goodness he did! It's the Bath & Body Works Sleep Well bubble bath in Lavender Vanilla. It's so soothing and calming… very relaxing. I like that the fragrance is pleasant without being overpowering, and lavender is a great scent to use when preparing for a night of restful sleep. When I'm sick, I can use all the help I can get in that department!
  9. Last but not least is an electric toothbrush. I used to only use regular toothbrushes until my dental hygienist recommended I get one like my husband's. I find that the sonic toothbrushes clean my mouth better than anything else out there, and when I brush my teeth, it refreshes my whole self. It feels good to have clean teeth, and it takes away some of the yucky feeling of being sick.
One last thing I like that I don't have pictured above is a good body wash. I am currently enjoying the Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash that came in this month's PopSugar Must Have Box. Although I was initially disappointed that it was in the box (it was random and is not a luxury item), I am glad to be given a chance to try it out. It's not only moisturizing for my skin, it also smells divine and is gentle and comforting. It feels good to be soft and nice-smelling when I'm sick. Helps make me feel better, like a soft comfortable blanket.

What are some of your sick day favorites? Share below in the comments!


All products mentioned have been purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are honest and my own. No sponsorships here. No affiliate links posted.