Sunday, February 9, 2014

Health & Fitness Update 2

It's time for another check-in for health and fitness here on TRB! This week had some rough weather, but for the most part, I did okay. Let's jump right in.

I'm still aiming to move more, and am trying to hit my step goal (8000 steps) each day. I've also been "gently" logging things in a FitBook. The reason I am logging this way, as opposed to using an app like MyFitnessPal is because I want to get away from counting calories, measuring everything, and obsessing over numbers. I have been reading some literature on diet and exercise from the psychology perspective and I have found the material really intriguing. Here are two books written on the subject by Psychologists:

And the book I'm currently racing through:

Some folks on Instagram were asking me about Cameron Diaz's The Body Book. I can't comment on whether or not she wrote it herself, but I do like that it's not written at a level so stupid that it's a waste of your time, nor at a level that is too advanced and dry to keep you interested. It flows well, contains a lot of common sense, but also has a lot of science and history that backs up her arguments and explains things very well. It's not a diet or exercise plan… more of a nice commentary on the value of good nutrition and finding exercise that works well for you. She has a lot of personal stories and I actually find her voice surprisingly relatable.

As for the other two books, Eat.Q. and Intuitive Eating, perhaps it is my background in Psychology that attracts me to these books, but I do appreciate learning more about the psychology of the human response to food and nutrition, and it's nice to feel like I'm not just a weak-willed soul because I struggle with over-eating and mindless munching. When it makes more sense and you understand your behaviors a little more, it's a little easier to modify them in the direction you want. I definitely recommend these books if you're interested in this kind of thing.

Okay, so how did my FitBit counts turn out? Let's see!

Last Week    This Week   
Monday 5,533 9,806
Tuesday 7,868 9,746
Wednesday      N/A 4,020
Thursday 3,132 2,567
Friday 4,416 10,072
Total 20,949* 36,211
Daily Average    5,237.3* 7,242.2
* Wednesday didn't register, for whatever reason. So the average for the week is calculated on four days, not five.

I definitely stepped up the movements this week, but totally dropped the ball on Thursday. I have tried to make up for it today (already surpassing my goal with this morning's workout) but the weather is so gross and I was feeling run down, plus my husband had been out of town. I need to work on making sure I stay active despite work and weather issues! Friday was a slow day at first, but then we had a wedding to attend, so shaking my groove-thang on the dance floor helped get that step count up!

We got a treadmill (finally) and I have been able to stay a bit more active now that I can workout at home in our basement, so I will soon be increasing my daily step goals to reflect that change. I like watching Netflix and YouTube videos while I'm on there - makes the time go by faster!

And like I mentioned earlier, I've been writing in my FitBook, of course. I like keeping track of my goals, inspirations, water intake, workouts, how I feel, etc.

So, that's where I am right now. I am looking forward to spring… warmer weather, sunnier days, outside activities, and lighter clothes. I just hope I fit into mine!

What are your goals? How are you all doing?


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