Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Nightmare Before Christmas Edition

One "subscription box" service I wanted to check out was Fortune Cookie Soap. I don't love Bath and Body Works (mostly due to to overwhelming and synthetic fragrances), and Lush is great but I tend to spend a fortune there. So, I wanted to give something new a try, and I'd heard good things about FCS!

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box is a sampler of themed products that is delivered to your door 4 times a year. It can include bath bombs and melts, body lotion, antibacterial hand gel, soap, and so on. All boxes include 8 items, and cost $19.99 if you're in the US, $34 international.

My first box was the Nightmare Before Christmas-themed winter box. Keep reading to see what was included, and my thoughts on everything!

Overview shot of all 8 items

The box arrived and was much smaller than I had anticipated, but this was proof positive that a small package can pack a powerful punch. Lots of great goodies in here!

First up: the Lock, Shock, and Barrel bath melt. This little purple disk is supposed to be dropped into your bath water to soften you up… plus you'll smell good! I dropped this into the bath along with the bath fizzy below.

This Jack bath fizzy (combined with the bath melt) made my bath water bubbly and delicious-smelling, but with some micro glitter too. I loved the scents and the amount of bubbles, but I didn't love the glitter. While it wasn't gritty like the glitter in Lush's products (it is quite subtle), it was enough to stick to my towels, the tub, etc. I could have done without that.

The antibacterial hand sanitizer gel included in this box was in the scent Oogie Boogie and includes a giant bug! Haha, the bug is just plastic, but it's totally cute, and the scent is very nice! Winterberries with a hint of cinnamon is what they claim. There's also a hint of alcohol, but it's not too bad. This one bottle will last a really long time, too!

I think each box contains one soap in the shape of a fortune cookie. This one is the scent Sally. It's a clean, refreshing, soft scent. I've used mine all up, and found that it was very gentle on my skin. A lot of soaps can be drying, especially in winter months, but this wasn't that way at all. I also felt no residue on my skin. Just clean and soft, and that's the best!

The Sandy Claws exfoliating body butter reminds me SO MUCH of Lush's Buffy bar, but a bit more gentle. The scrubby feel seems to come from oats instead of ground nut shells, so it was exfoliating without feeling like it was scratching my skin off! The scent (chocolate + chai) was warm and luxurious. It made a bit of a mess on my soap dish in the shower, but was easily cleaned up!

The box included a rollerball perfume in the scent What's This? - and they had a contest to correctly guess what the scent is. I didn't even take a stab at it, but the scent reminded me of warm cookies or something. Not overwhelming at all - I think this is a scent most ladies would like.

Not pictured: whipped body butter in Thanksgiving Town. It's a nice, warm scented, light cream that I found was best to put on my hands before bed. Very comforting and moisturizing!

And finally, there was a dry shampoo in the scent Zero. This was probably the most surprising product in the box. I have tried a few dry shampoos in the past, but all were aerosols. They left my hair feeling… gross. This was different. It felt cleaner. Not as clean as using actual shampoo, but good enough to not have me running for the showers halfway through the day. The smell is the best part - fresh, light, clean. The only drawback is that it's powder, and application can be messy. Still, it's a great dry shampoo.

Since receiving this box, I've purchased a couple sugar scrubs and whipped creams from Fortune Cookie Soap. They're really nice! I can't wait for the next box, and I definitely recommend the Soap Box if you're looking for a fun subscription service that delivers something fun and different, but still girly and pampering.