Saturday, January 18, 2014

Goal Check-in: A Week of Business Travel

This week has been quiet for this blog as well as Twitter and Instagram because I have been traveling for work. I wanted to review some things in the week as a follow-up to this post about my little changes goals for 2014. So, here's my first check-in!

My big goal was to move more, and one way I know helps me get more exercise is to get myself some cute workout clothes and gear! So my husband and I checked out some sales at a local sporting goods store.

Reebok, Nike, Reebok

I picked up three pairs of crazy-looking workout leggings/tights, two by Reebok and one by Nike. I immediately washed them and got them into my luggage for my week of travel! Those, along with my heart rate monitor, headphones, favorite athletic socks, and running shoes were to serve as my "impetus" to use the hotel's gym.

Monday, I made a point to start the week off right. After dinner, I hit the gym. Hotel gyms are generally pretty dinky, and this one was no exception! So, I ended up sticking with the treadmill… but hey, any exercise is better than none at this point!

Two of my favorite fitness toys: FitBit Flex and Polar FT4 heart rate monitor

Relaxing in my "space pants" before heading to the gym

I managed to get one more workout in during the week, but tried to increase my activity levels by walking more. Here's how I did:

Last Week    This Week   
Monday 2,433 10,221
Tuesday 6,708 4,118
Wednesday      3,760 4,310
Thursday 2,122 9,331
Friday 2,515 5,018
Total 17,538 32,998
Daily Average    3,507.6 6,599.6

I am definitely doing a lot better than I was! This past week, despite traveling for business, I managed to nearly double my steps taken. I have also managed to drink a lot more water, but I need to continue to work on that goal!

How are your goals going? Any accomplishments or points that need work - brag or confess below!