Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Great Kisser? A Lip Balm Review

I've written before about my search for a great lip balm. I need something that moisturizes, smoothes, and tastes/feels pleasant. I don't want anything too waxy or goopy. And these days, it seems like most products either do nothing, or are so thick and goopy that they make the situation worse.

I've searched high and low, and when I saw that Soap and Glory had a balm, I was excited to give it a go! Their scrub is fantastic, and I even like their Clean on Me body wash. So their balm should be good… right?


This balm was waxy, sticky, and goopy. I didn't find it to be moisturizing at all. People had been raving about the "fresh peach" smell… how it is just like real peaches and how refreshing it is. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn't get more synthetic smelling than this, folks. No real peaches here. Not even fake peaches. Well, not good fake peaches (like Jolly Ranchers… yum!).

My search for the perfect balm continues. Until then, I think this makes a decent gloss, but not anything more. And because of the synthetic flavor and feel, I don't even think I'll use it as a gloss.

No great kissing with Great Kisser!