Friday, November 29, 2013

Home Life 1: Cleaning, Clutter, and Comparing Myself to Others

Welcome to my first Home Life post! If you like this kind of sharing, please let me know and I will keep posting these kinds of things. This blog is primarily for discussing beauty, but a beautiful home is a glorious thing. Don't you agree?

Some of the beauty blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow occasionally post pictures and updates on home decor, party planning, tables capes, etc. While I love the inspiration, I can't help but compare my own home and decor to those posted. Our home, which we worked very hard to have, is generally classified as clean and comfortable by those who visit. However, I find that oftentimes it's too cluttered, too plain, or just not clean enough.

I have pets - a dog and a cat - who do a sensational job at leaving fur all over the place. They also enjoy leaving toys everywhere, chewing on things (dog) and scratching furniture (cat). My husband and I make frequent attempts to curtail their bad behaviors, and we try to keep the fur-in-the-floor levels to a reasonable minimum with runs of the vacuum. What more can we do?

Well, the answer is - a lot more! My brother left today after a 4-day visit and I immediately got to work cleaning up our family room after the dogs had been playing all week. After vacuuming and deep cleaning the carpet, I realized I hadn't done it in a while and was probably overdue. That leads me to this post.

I work full-time and so does my husband. It seems like we're always relatively busy - and when we're not busy, we're exhausted! So house cleaning and organizing is never top of my priority list. I see these pictures of beautiful homes that are perfectly kept, beautifully decorated, comfortable and classy at the same time, and then I look at my own pride and joy… and my heart sinks. I want my home to be a source of pride, not embarrassment! Many of the women who posts those pictures of their perfect homes do not work outside of the home. Their perfect living rooms and bedrooms and offices (and pictures) are their jobs! So, what's a girl who doesn't have 8-10 hours a day to perfect her home to do?

I have a few resources I've known about for some time, but the one I'm diving into most deeply is Fly Lady (website: Her site is a great resource for de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing, and keeping yourself from going mad with the overwhelming amount to do to run a house! I have already completed the Day 1 task: shining my sink!

Directions for this are here (I would repost them, but I don't want to plagiarize and she does a fantastic job of explaining the process herself!). I washed up the last of the dishes, emptied our dishwasher, and got to work shining our sink.


Nice and shiny. It looks great. And thus kicks off our start to a cleaner, happier, less chaotic home. We have also downloaded a free app to help us organize a cleaning schedule, to-do lists, shopping lists, etc. If it ends up working out well for us, I will post about it and show how we use it to help us keep things straight.

Do any of you frequent FlyLady? How do you like it? Any recommendations or advice you can share? And don't forget to let me know if this post is helpful or of interest (or if it's NOT!) so that I can keep up content that's interesting to you all.