Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let's Talk About Subs, Baby

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I thought I'd do an update on subscription services that I've posted about here before!

Birchbox - Oh, Birchbox.  The amazing thing about this service is how many different hair oils are apparently available these days.  I must have gotten 10 over the course of a year's subscription.  And just as many perfume samples (which are free at any department store, by the way).  I got to the point where I just wasn't getting anything useful out of it, so I cancelled.

Eco-Emi -  A more unique service - beauty and lifestyle products that are organic, all-natural, eco-friendly.  Not bad! However, I found that the products just weren't up my alley.  I see that they have really grown into a great sub option, but I haven't re-signed.

Glossybox - I was actually most excited about this one.  It's more than twice the price of Birchbox, but the products were definitely better.  I enjoyed it for a long time - over a year - but after a while, it just wasn't exciting anymore.  I didn't want to keep paying 21 dollars a month for a box of stuff I didn't end up using.  I got makeup that either didn't match my skin or that I just couldn't open (literally), and I got a lot of hair products that I didn't like.  All in all, I'd recommend it to others, but only for a limited time.

Le Tote - Still going strong.  I've gotten a couple "totes" that had "lemons" in them, and one that was an overall fail that prompted me to send a disappointed email to the stylists.  However, I've gotten SO many compliments on most (~90%) of the items I've gotten, I've gotten to try newer trends and colors, and I've added a lot of spice to my daily wardrobe without commitment.  I'm extremely happy with the service and have referred many people, including my best friend.  Two thumbs up.

Beauty Army - I'm still sort of amazed at how quickly my love squelched for this one.  It's a little bit more expensive than Birchbox, and it was a novel idea because you got to choose your own samples.  I used to hear about this one all the time, but I haven't heard anything about it in a year.  I'm not even sure it's still around.  Anyway, I cancelled not by choice... My credit card got updated and the Beauty Army website couldn't allow me to update payment information without completely creating a new subscription (and going to the wait list).  Frankly, I thought that was BS, so I never renewed.  And I must say... haven't missed it at all.

Fit Fab Fun VIP - This one comes out 4 times a year, costs 49.99 each time, and has mostly (if not all) full-sized products. I've only gotten one - this summer's box - but I like it.  It's cheaper than Glossybox overall, and the products are bigger and more thoughtful since they aren't sent each month.  If you want, I can do a post devoted solely to the first VIP box, but I haven't tried all of the products just yet.  So far, so good.

I think those are all the subscription services that I've used so far.  Are there any out there that you recommend?