Friday, November 16, 2012

New Makeup Storage

I finally re-organized our master bathroom and organized my makeup!

Before and after pictures ahead (NO JUDGMENT!)

Our master bath has Jack and Jill sinks, a bathtub, and then a separate shower and commode (not shown here... you're welcome). You can see my sink above... it's not pretty.  Now, granted, I have cabinet space for some of those products and my hairbrush, etc., but I was finding that my storage solution was so tight, I oftentimes ended up leaving products out until it got unbearable.

My sink was getting overrun with products.  It was really annoying!

All of my makeup was crammed into this little plastic drawer container... and it was awful. Things were all over the place, drawers were smashed full. It wasn't pretty.

So I decided to find an inexpensive lingerie chest to hold my makeup. One popular chest is from the Hayworth collection at Pier 1 Imports, but that thing costs 495 dollars. I like pretty things, but I'm not made of money, so... that wasn't exactly an option.

I don't need something that's going to hold up forever and ever, so I decided to look for something pretty cheap. I found an inexpensive lingerie chest at KMart that was normally $59.99, on sale in the stores for $49.99. However, if you ordered online, it was $40.99. So, I went through Ebates and got an additional 8% cash back (woohoo!), ordered and paid for the chest, and selected "In-store pickup" for later that day.

We brought it home (in a box) and I immediately set out to piece it together. It's cheap particle board, so one drawer did splinter when I drilled the screws in, but the rest came out fine.  Here's the finished result!

My sink is all cleared and clutter-free, and all makeup products are put away in their chest.

The chest came with normal black knobs, but I picked up pink acrylic decorative knobs from Target ($14.99) and put them on instead, and put a hot pink woven placement ($2.50) on top. The pack of knobs only included 4, and I didn't want to buy another one, so the bottom drawer has a flower appliqué on it (from Michael's). Incidentally, that drawer is the one that split (on the side), so it needs repair. For now, it holds surplus supplies and won't be used very much anyway.

The seasonal home decor section of Target had these candle holders ($7.50 or $7.99, can't remember) that I thought were perfect for my Sigma brushes. I filled them with crystal vase filler (3 bucks, craft store) to hold my brushes secure.

The first drawer (with little plastic containers as dividers) holds makeup palettes, trios, and quads in front, then mascaras and eye liners, cream shadows (and jumbo pencils), eye primers, and eye shadows left to right.

The second drawer holds foundations and primers in front, then blushes, face powders and bronzers, lipsticks, and glosses left to right.

The third drawer has face cleaning supplies and lip conditioners.

The fourth drawer holds bigger palettes (you can see my Cinderella palette and my Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette.  Underneath is my UD hearts NYC palette, etc. The fifth drawer (not shown) just holds extra supplies like q-tips, contact lenses, etc.

So what do you think? Do you like it?