Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bad Lipstick Colors

Let's talk about bad lipstick colors, shall we?

Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but your mouth is how you most often communicate and it's generally a good idea to watch what comes out of it, what goes into it, and what goes ON it.  Unless you're four years old, you typically don't like having any food/gunk/etc. on your face.

So why on earth would any company make lipstick the color of feces?  I mean, seriously - it takes that phrase "shit eating grin" to a whole new dimension.  Case in point: Ellis Faas lip color in L107.

I received this full-size lip color in my August Glossybox (US edition) and immediately got excited.  The packaging looked so nice!  And full size!  Fancy shmancy!

Then I opened it.

The applicator is a click-style, where product is pushed up through this sponge-kind of thing.  It's hard, not soft, and it makes application a bit awkward.  I had to click a lot to get product to come through... and then I saw it.  Brown.  The color of poop, there for me to put on my lips.

Seriously, would anyone actually wear this color?  They have my basic coloring information... why on earth would I like brown lipstick?  Not only is it a hideous color, but the formula isn't even very good.  I put it on to test it out... and promptly removed it.  Not only did it look ridiculous, but it felt icky too.  An all-around terrible product that I'm VERY glad I didn't purchase.

If anyone has Ellis Faas lip colors, please let me know in the comments below.  Do they make decent colors?  How do they last?  I wouldn't leave the house with this on, so I can't tell you how well it stays put.

Ew.  What are your worst lipstick colors?  Share in the comments!