Sunday, September 9, 2012

Powder room makeover!

I thought it would be fun to show you all before and after pics of our powder room.  My husband and I bought our house a year ago, amidst the chaos of wedding planning, and didn't really touch anything until recently.  I thought it might be a good move to gain my husband's trust in my decorating prowess by taking on a smaller project first.  So, I give you - our powder room!

I don't know that this was the color the previous owners actually had... they had repainted most of the house when they put it on the market, and all three bathrooms are the same shade of neutral gray-taupe (although it's coming off blue in this picture).  The linoleum is original to the house.  Fancy!

You can see in this picture that the mirror was standard... and cracked.  This isn't really anything special... everything is builders' grade, bottom level.  So, yeah.  Nothing special.

And after!!
We painted it a neutral sandy color, which took 3 coats to cover the previous color, which was a lot darker.  I removed the old towel rack and put up something a little nicer.  I also added the candleholder piece on the wall, and the little picture (from HomeGoods).  The towels are from HomeGoods as well.

The old light fixture was another builders' grade standard bar with 4 round lightbulbs sticking out of it.  I replaced it with a three-light fixture in brushed brass, which matches the candleholder, towel rack, and new mirror!

The mirror is from Target, the light fixture is from Home Depot, and the accessories (soap, tissue holder, etc.) are from HomeGoods.

We didn't change the cabinetry, but I am going to stain it a darker color soon.  I like the brushed nickel faucet, so that can stay.  We tried to change the electrical outlets, but that got a little scary so we refrained for now.  The linoleum is still there, but we will eventually replace it with real tile.  That needs to be done by professionals.

What do you think?  It's amazing how different it feels with just minor little updates!