Monday, August 27, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Quad in Seductive

I recently picked up a new eyeshadow quad at the drugstore and thought I'd share the look.  This is the Revlon Colorstay quad in Seductive.

The colors are soft and purple, which is a versatile shade for a lot of different eye colors and skin tones.  There are four colors here (duh, it's a "quad") - a very, very light, almost baby pink shade highlight/base shade (top left), a slightly darker pink color for the lid (top right), a bright violet for the crease, and a warmer purple for more defined crease dimension.

My mascara wasn't finished in the above shot, but you can see generally how these colors look on the lid.  It's a nice, bright, feminine look, suitable for a simple daytime look or a darker more polished look.

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