Friday, August 24, 2012

NOTD: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 250 Pink Promise

Today's NOTD is a sparkly baby pink nail polish from Sally Hansen - it's in the shade Pink Promise.

This is a color with a very cute story behind it.

My husband had made plans with a bunch of his guy friends to hang out (sans wives and girlfriends), last weekend, so I decided to hit the outlet mall with one of my girlfriends.  The best outlet mall is almost an hour away, and we wanted to be there when they opened, so I left fairly early.  My husband realized he needed toothpaste, soap and shampoo, so he decided to head to Target at the same time I left.  (Seriously, going to Target when it first opens is the best. idea. ever.)

On my way out the door, I jokingly told my husband to "buy me a preeeeeseeeeent."  This is a long-running joke (and if any of you get the reference, you are AMAZING) and my husband always just laughs at me.  On that day, however, he responded with "like what?  A nail polish?"  I told him to find something he wanted me to wear and then raced out the door, promptly forgetting the conversation.

After a long day of outlet shopping, I came home and cleaned up the house, played with the puppy, made myself dinner, and took my new wares upstairs to put away.  Only when I went to wash my face and take out my contacts for the night did I notice the present sitting by my bathroom sink.  There it was - a perfect shade of princess pink from my loving husband.  He chose it for me, and I love it.

Pink Promise is a sparkly sheer cooler-toned pink.  Because it's sheer and I wanted a more opaque look, I used Wet N Wild Shine nail color in white (449C) as a base.  As usual, I topped with Seche Vite for a nice, smooth, shiny look.

And yes, I took pics of my nails... but unfortunately I've been cleaning and cooking a lot lately, and some home improvement projects have wreaked havoc on my nails.  So no pics of my nails for a little while until everything heals and I can pamper my cuticles back to health.  <3 p="p">