Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MUA Makeup Haul!

Last month, I decided I wanted to try some new brands... maybe something international.  I've been hearing a lot about MUA (Makeup Academy) - it's great quality and inexpensive.  On the advice of another beauty blogger, I decided to place an order!

MUA Passion trio

First up is a trio of shadows.  This trio (Passion) is a set of one shimmery highlight color and two shimmery purple shades.  It doesn't have glitter, just shimmer.  The darkest purple seems to be a nice, slightly more pigmented dupe for MAC's Satellite Dreams.

MUA Passion trio, swatched

The next trio is Pink Sorbet.
MUA Pink Sorbet 

This trio is a little more sheer, but has that same shimmer quality.  The colors aren't straight-up pink, they're more of a warm champagne shade, and the darkest has a gold/bronze quality.

MUA Pink Sorbet, swatched 

Then, because I don't have near enough nude/neutral palettes (/sarcasm), I ordered another one.  Undressed is a very popular palette by MUA, and I could immediately see why.

 MUA Undressed palette

A mix of matte and shimmery shades, Undressed is a great palette of nice neutral, versatile shades.  The alternating shimmer and matte shades allow for a lot of different variations of looks.  I think this palette is a great cost-effective alternative to Urban Decay's Naked palette.  The colors are soft, pigmented, and very blendable.

MUA Undressed palette

I wanted a palette with a few more colors in it, and this one caught my eye immediately!

MUA Starry Night palette 

Purple shadows are pretty versatile and tend to look good on everyone.  I was attracted to these colors because they're pretty.  They're soft, blendable, and great for day or night looks.  Actually, in my retro 80s video, the blue shadow look I wore was from this palette!  So fun.

MUA Starry Night palette

Then I had to pick up some lip products!

MUA Lipsticks, #12, #6, #3

These colors are AMAZING.  I love how smooth the formula is, and how well it goes on.  They don't dry out my lips, they don't bleed.  They're just fantastic.  #6 is a gorgeous and versatile, everyday shade.  The other two are a bit more fun, and I love all three of them.

Lastly we have a lip gloss.

MUA Lipgloss in Shade #5 

I picked this gloss because of the pretty pink color.  It's a regular doe-foot applicator and although it's very nice, it's nothing super amazing.  I do enjoy it, but will probably just get the lipsticks next time.

That's my haul, and this is very long, so I'll end here.  I love these colors and the formulas are great.  Even with international shipping, this was all worth far more than the price, and I'm extremely pleased with how it all turned out.  Highly recommend!



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  2. The lipsticks look really nice. I also need to try out some MUA. I am trying to get my followers up at the moment so if you like what you see I will greatly appreciate your follow :). If you already follow I apologise.


  3. I love MUA & their trio shadows are so nice. Ive not tried any of their lipsticks yet. But will check them out next time.
    You picked up some great products

    1. I'm pretty picky about lipsticks, and these are really great! I love #6 as an everyday color. The formulas are wonderful.


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