Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Philosophy Hope in a Jar

Some time ago, I received a free sample of Hope in a Jar by Philosophy from Sephora.  I love Philosophy's body and face washes, so I was excited to give this popular moisturizer a shot.  Since their body washes and bubble baths come in an array of yummy scents, I was not remotely prepared for the odor that greeted me when I first opened the sample.

Burning... something.  Plastic?  Hair?  Something.

Well, I won a giveaway a couple months ago and it included a whole container of Hope in a Jar.  Because I'd heard from other people that they didn't experience a bad smell, I decided to try it out again.  After removing my makeup and cleaning my face, I opened the jar and took a whiff... nice.  Light, refreshing.  Smells more like it!  So, I slathered it on my face and crawled into bed.

Bad idea.  Very, very bad idea.

A smell so noxious permeated my nostrils that I almost ran to the bathroom to wash my face again.  Yep, Hope in a Jar smells awful again.  Like a burning, mildewed shower curtain.  Who wants to put that on their face?!  I'll stick with the Babor Argan Cream from my Beauty Army kit, thank you very much.