Sunday, June 24, 2012

New eyeshadow quad: Maybelline Prima Pink

I wasn't going to blog about this quad from Maybelline today, but it's limited edition, so I figured I better get pictures and information out there, just in case anyone was curious and then decided to give it a shot!  I don't like blogging about products that readers can't try out themselves.

This quad is new from Maybelline, and the color is Prima Pink.  It's a pinky-purple quad, very pretty colors that are fairly sheer but flattering for a lot of skintones and eye colors.

The four colors are in different sizes, which actually didn't make a lot of sense to me.  The base color, a frosty taupe-y type of color, is the largest rectangle in the quad, which seems reasonable.  You can see on the swatch below, the formula is dry, not terribly smooth, but the color is pretty.

The next two colors, eyelid and crease colors, are pink and a shiny chrome-y purple in the smallest squares.  My frustration lies in the eyelid color... I can see shimmer on my lids, but no color.  Also, the size of the shadow is too small.  If this was a color on its own, I would return it immediately because it's 85% useless.

The purple crease color (see below) is fun and pretty, but it isn't super dark on the eye.  I like it in combination with the other colors... it reminds me of MAC's Satellite Dreams in a big way.  An exact dupe?  Hmm, sounds like an idea for another blog post!

The final color shown below with the purple crease color, which makes no sense given its size in the quad, is the liner color.  It's a matte gray-taupe color.  It's very pretty and smoother than the other colors.  I use it in the outer corner with my Sigma Pencil brush (the E30) and then blend with my blending brush.  It gives a purple-y smokey eye that's bright and cheerful, very appropriate for day makeup or for days where I don't want it to look quite so dramatic.

The colors in this quad are what makes it worth it.  The size of the different colors is a little interesting, and the eyelid color is virtually useless.  The liner is the smoothest shadow in the set, but overall, it gives a nice, pretty, soft look, despite the dry, sheer formula.  However, if you're looking for a drugstore quad/trio with great pigmentation and lasting power, stick with Wet N Wild.  Silent Treatment and Walking on Eggshells are my favorites.