Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Garnier BB Cream

For those of you unfamiliar with BB cream, it's basically a tinted moisturizer with a bit more coverage.  It was developed out of Asia, designed to hide blemishes and smooth out the skin while moisturizing your face.  There are a bunch of different brands of BB cream, high end, middle range, etc.  Now it's making its way to the drugstore!

I picked up Garnier BB Cream a while back because I was looking for something that would help even out my face without being a fuller-coverage foundation.  I picked it up for about 12-13 dollars at Rite-Aid.  I was hoping that it would give me better coverage than my Dior tinted moisturizer.

The Garnier BB cream has a consistency a little thicker than liquid foundation - more like a moisturizer.  It does have a scent (which is actually pretty similar to the fragrance in the Dior tinted moisturizer).  There are only a couple of options for shades, as it sheers out to be universal for all skin tones in the relative vicinity.

The color blends out pretty nicely - what's above on my hand isn't the most blended, but you get the idea.  It does a nice job evening out skin tone, moisturizing, and protecting the skin with SPF.  I typically wear this on weekends if I need to run errands and don't want a full face of makeup.  We were in the Caribbean for our honeymoon and I wore this BB cream every day, only putting foundation on a couple of times.  I found that it did a nice job keeping my face from sunburn while also helping me have a somewhat polished look without being over the top.  It was also lightweight enough that I looked fresh-faced while other women there at the resort had their makeup running down their faces.

If you battle redness and/or acne, this is not going to cover it - you're still going to want a fuller coverage foundation and/or concealer.  However, if you just want something that moisturizes and protects against sun damage and that offers a little bit of polishing, then look into using a BB cream.  It's lightweight and protecting, and it's a nice alternative to cakey foundations during these hot summer months headed our way.


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