Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 2012 Birchbox

I used to regularly do videos on what all was in my Birchbox (more information here in a previous post), but with the wedding happening, and my plummeting interest in the products Birchbox has been sending me, I haven't said much.  I got the April box right before we left for the wedding, so I set it aside to take some pictures and share with you all!

April's theme is "Natural Wonders".  They have a theme every month, but I have to admit I usually don't pay much attention.  I think I heard a rumor that May is Gossip Girl themed, so I'm hoping it's a good one.  Last month (March) was horrible and I ended up throwing most of it out.  Again, almost cancelled my subscription.  I think I hang on because I fear the month I quit, it'll be really good and I'll wish I'd waited.... which is silly.

He's a shot of April's goodies:

The Zoya polish is the color Bevin.  It's a muted bluish-green, more muted than Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet or Essie's Navigate Her (which is a warmer pale green).  I haven't put this on my nails, but it looks sickly in the bottle.  I'm hoping it will look very nice on the nail.  Birchbox apparently LOVES sending nail colors... I've gotten 4 or 5 in less than a year.  Basically, every other month, I get a nail polish.  Three of them have been from Zoya.  They're hits and misses... this one may be a miss, but I'm going to hold out judgment until I try it out on my nails.

Oh look... another oil for my FINE THIN HAIR.  Jeez.  This one will go in the trash with all the other ones.

I've gotten a few BeFine products in the past (they're a staple with Beauty Army), but I haven't tried these, so hopefully they will be as good as the other products have been.  I got three packets of exfoliating cleanser and two packets of the daily moisturizer.  If they work well, I will post more about my experiences.

The last thing (well, second to last thing, but more on that in a minute) is the MicrodermaMitt, which is basically a little mini burlap sack that I guess you put on your hand and use to exfoliate your face?  It's not too scratchy and should be interesting to try out.  It seems like it will be awkward to use, since it's basically a big bag as opposed to something relatively close to hand-sized, but I am going to give it a shot in the shower, and pair it with a foaming face wash, like the Neutrogena Foaming Face Wash.

Every month, it seems, Birchbox sends a perfume.  Because they don't have any sense of the types of scents I am attracted to (they don't even pay attention to my hair/skin type and send me oils over and over again), every single perfume has been a "no" for me.  Notice below that this month was no exception - another perfume.  I didn't even try it out - into the trash it went, as soon as I saw it in the box.  (I"m also not a fan of Taylor Swift, so that didn't hurt.)

I'm going to be watching the May videos and beauty blogger posts to see what all was included in the May box.  If mine is another fail, I will officially cancel and look for something else.  What are your favorite beauty subscription services?  I'm reading a LOT of complaints about MyGlam (I don't follow or subscribe to Michelle Phan so I heard about it way after everyone else did), and so far, I've been impressed with Beauty Army.  Any others?