Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Trend: Blue Polish

It seems like a major trend going on right now is blue fingernail polish.  I was perusing the polish section at Target and almost purchased Sinful Colors Aquamarine and a couple others.  When I spotted Essie's Trophy Wife, I knew I didn't need to buy any new blue shades.  I have all that I need already in my collection!

Mesmerize, Beach Bum Blu, Trophy Wife, and Dive Bar

I think it's just a coincidence that they're all by Essie, but I am definitely a fan of the brand.  I try to stay away from serious royal blue colors (rival university color), and I didn't see Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue, which I was definitely interested in picking up.  A couple of other colors were really interesting, but I think for now, I've got the shades I need.  Mesmerize is a creamy blue, reminiscent of denim.  Beach Bum Blu is a pearlescent aqua, while Trophy Wife has more green tones in it.  Dive Bar is a dark, dark blue, almost black with a chrome look.

What are your favorite shades of blue this spring?

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