Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lush's Pow Wow lip scrub review

After my Sweet Lips lip scrub dried out, I was anxious to try a new scrub to keep exfoliating my lips.  So, when I placed my holiday order on Lush's website, I decided to try something a little different that seemed pretty fun...

This was supposed to be a fun lip scrub with the candy Pop Rocks incorporated in.  I believe the flavor is lime.

Well, it does have Pop Rocks in it, but unfortunately, this makes it more annoying than fun and effective.  I've never had Lush products just plain not work, but this one is definitely a fail.  The candy pieces are too large to render the scrub effective, so basically I'm just rubbing large pieces of candy on my lips, dropping bright green popping sugar all over my bathroom sink and myself.  They pop on your lips, but it doesn't hurt - it just doesn't exfoliate either.  I've stopped using it and will not purchase again... I advise others to definitely explore other options over this item!  The regular lip scrub (Sweet Lips is one flavor, which smells and tastes like chocolate) is much better, and I should have just stuck with what worked on this one.  Oh well, you live and you learn.