Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quest for the perfect conditioner: It's a 10 Product Review

My second bottle of this stuff.

I'm on a seemingly never-ending quest for the perfect conditioner.  I'm marrying the love of my life this coming spring, so I'm growing my hair out.  It's super fine, thin, and naturally platinum... with a mind of its own.  To keep my sanity, and to keep me from chopping it all off, I've been making sure to style it more often, incorporate different looks and styles, and take the best care of it that I can.  To keep me from pulling it all out, I have to condition... and condition, and condition!

I tried the regular detangler (you know, the kids' one in the fishy bottle?) and although it did detangle my hair initially, I felt like it dried it out in the end.  I needed something more like a leave-in conditioner.  I heard good things about It's a 10, so I decided to give it a shot.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product is probably the best leave-in conditioner I've ever used.  It claims to do 10 things:

1.  Repairs dry, damaged hair
2.  Adds shine
3.  Smoothes and controls frizz
4.  Seals and protects hair
5.  Detangles
6.  Prevents split ends
7.  Stops hair breakage
8.  Creates silkiness
9.  Enhances natural body
10.  Flat iron spray and thermal protector

I don't think this product gives my hair any body or volume, and the extent to which it prevents split ends is questionable, but the other claims seem to be pretty valid.  In my [anecdotal] experience, it does soften my hair and I find that I don't need additional product to hold style (aside from hairspray).  I am also seeing a lot less frizz, which is a big plus.  It has a very light, clean fragrance, which I don't find lingers in my hair.

One thing I've also noticed is that this product sometimes sprays all over the place, making the bathroom floor sort of slippery.  I've had my iPhone on the vanity/counter when spraying this product, and it leaves a film that takes quite some effort to get off.  I think that's probably a good indicator of how this product coats your hair.  It protects and softens, yes, but volumizing?  Not on fine hair that's easily weighted down!  And I would never ever apply this product to dry hair.  That would just lead to a greasy mess.

Still, I have to say... 9 out of 10 ain't bad.  It's enough to justify the 20+ dollar price.