Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nail of the Day

It's fall!  The leaves are changing, the weather is cool (but rainy here in the Northeast), the days are shorter, and post-season baseball has begun.  During the summer, I tend towards bright colors for my nails, but now that fall is here, I'm drawn to darker, more dramatic colors.  In honor of my fiance's beloved Phillies, my nails of the moment are a deep, sparkly red!

I put a base of Orly's Red Flare (not pictured), which is the same shade of deep, blue-based red shown above.  For added sparkle and fun, I topped it with a coat of Orly's Star Spangled, which has very fine red glitter in it.  It's almost like car paint... from a distance, it just looks deep red, but up close, you can see the immense sparkle.  It's a great way to have some fun without looking too over-the-top.  I like this color combination because it gives a great pop of color on paler skin.  I'm not normally a super tan girl, but as the seasons change, we all start spending a lot more time indoors and our healthy glows start to fade.  It also tends to go well with colors we wear in fall, which tend to be warmer colors, sweaters, etc.

I got these two colors at CVS on sale... they were Buy One Get One 50% Off, I believe, but I'm sure you can find them at Ulta or any place that sells Orly products.  The color is pretty opaque, and more coats only got me deeper color.  Best results were two coats of Red Flare, then two coats of Star Spangled, but your preferences may vary.

I can see that this combination is going to be a favorite for fall and winter this year.  What are some of your favorites?