Sunday, October 2, 2011

An open letter to my body

I had this posted somewhere else a while back, but it seems relevant now.  I am getting married in a little over 6 months, and I need my body in its finest shape.  A few months ago, I took an active interest in losing some weight and lowering my body fat percentage.  It was a lot of work and frustration, but I took off 10 pounds.  Of course, those 10 were the easiest, and I've been plateaued for a while.  I thought it may be helpful to chronicle some of the trials and tribulations of getting into "Buff Bride" shape here, since healthy is beautiful, right?  So, here it is, unedited from the original:

Dear Body,

Hi! How are you? Did you have a good New Years? Wonderful! Listen, we need to talk. See, I own you. Yep, that's right. This means you're supposed to do what I tell you to do - do you understand? Currently, well, you embarrass me a little. You know those adorable bikinis in the back of my closet? I want you to wear them soon, so you need to work with me a little bit. So, how about we make a deal?

I promise to feed you protein, whole grains, complex carbs, lots of veggies and fruits, plus make sure you get plenty of water and sleep. I also promise I won't destroy you with alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. I will get you to the gym where you can stretch your muscles, burn some steam, and grow strong and powerful.

In return, I need you to let go of some of your baggage. Yes, you do have baggage. It's around the midsection, butt and thighs. I know, I know... work is hard, it's winter and freakin' ice cold outside, and pizza tastes oh-so-good, but you have GOT to let that crap go. Excessive body fat isn't cool, man. Stop hanging onto it! You don't need it, and I don't want it.

Listen, I care about you! I don't want you to get type-2 diabetes (did you know it's in your genes?) or have heart and health problems. I want you to feel good, and I want to be proud to show you off. We're on the same team, here, okay? So, consider my offer thoughtfully and get back to me as soon as you can. I'll be waiting.


So, I've joined another gym, hired a personal trainer who works with me twice a week, and I'm about to start what may turn into a very difficult meal plan.  The trainers seem to think I have plenty of time and mounds of potential, so I'm remaining optimistic.  Two sessions are completed, and I was worked until complete fatigue in the legs.  I was weary of taking a Zumba class Friday when I was still hurting from Wednesday's session, and it turns out, it was really helpful for loosening up the muscles and working out my tired legs!  So, first lesson learned - work it out.  Know your limits, but don't be afraid to push them a little.  You'll never grow if you don't stretch.