Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's in my [travel] bag - Professional travel

I decided to post a "What's in my bag" series on YouTube.  The first video shows what I pack for a business trip.  Because I work a rather professional job, I need to look my best when presenting and meeting with other colleagues, clients, and vendors, so I pack accordingly.  Although some items are staples in my makeup routine, others change according to my destination and reason for travel.

I have a professional job, and I work with folks who span a wide range of years.  Several times a year, I am invited to lecture/speak to various groups, so this video shows what I usually take with me.  I like a neutral look, but one that has a little drama.  I look much younger than my age, so I like eyeshadow that ages me... in a good way!

I have red skin, so I like a color corrector like Make Up For Ever's HD primer #1 in green.  I've heard some beauty folks on YouTube mention that the color shows through.  This hasn't been my experience at all.  I imagine if the green color is showing through your foundation, you either don't have red enough skin, or you're wearing too much.  I top it off with a foundation with lasting power - Mat Velvet +.  Usually when I'm traveling on business, it means long work days, followed by business dinners and drinks.  I need makeup that isn't going to run off my face halfway through the day!

The Naked Palette from Urban Decay is a great option to take when traveling.  Whether it's a 2-day, 1-night trip, or a week out, there are plenty of looks in the palette, day or night.  I also like the NYX For Your Eyes Only palette because it has so many options that have relatively good color payoff.  The NYX palette is small, so it's no burden to carry, but if I had to choose between the two, the Naked Palette would win every time.

For eyeliner and mascara, I pack my steady basics: Revlon liquid eyeliner and Maybelline One-by-one Volume Express.  I don't have an issue with running down my eyelids or flaking off onto my cheeks.  They're my most reliable duo for finishing off the look.

For lips, my newest acquisition is the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick and gloss.  The colors, which allude me right now but are listed in the video, are wonderful and I find them completely wearable, flattering, and the perfect amount of color.  They also tend to last a long time, which is a must when you're standing in front of a room talking for several hours at a time!  Other colors I like are my go-to lip color, MAC's Viva Glam V (not shown in the video) and NYX's lip gloss in Copper Penny.  They're darker, a little more dramatic, and work for night-time events or trips to NYC when a more dramatic look is par for the course.

Hope you like my video and subscribe to my channel, and hopefully this gave you some ideas for things to put on your pack list for your next business trip.  Up next: What's in my [travel] bag: Weekend back home, and What's in my [travel] bag: Tropical vacation.

Hope you're doing well... whoever you are!