Friday, July 15, 2011

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish

These three Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri nail polishes were purchased at my neighborhood Target for less than $5 apiece.  (I think they were around $4.50 each, but don't quote me!)  I first purchased the purple color, "Lively Lilac" and liked it so much, I went back for the other two: "Snappy Sorbet," a fun peachy color, and "Snappy Sprinkles," a glitter nail polish that has a lot of peach and looks gold on the nail.

The color formula is very good.  You only need one coat, but a second coat can make your nails have a smoother look overall.  One thing to note is that this formula dries very quickly, so you must work fast to get everything the way you want it.  If you take too long, it becomes tacky and and you'll be reaching for your nail polish remover to start all over!  The applicator makes it a little difficult to maneuver at first, but over time, you get used to it and it becomes a quick and easy process.


This brush is flat and larger than usual.  This makes things a bit difficult when first applying, but if you do a thorough job of removing excess product before touching it to your nails, you should get the hang of it quickly.

The glitter formula isn't as good, unfortunately.  The glitter is very chunky - almost more like confetti than glitter.  Here's an up-close picture:

You can see that the glitter is long, rather than being small and fine.  This makes application difficult, even with multiple rounds - and it also tends to "bunch" in certain areas, getting worse with each coat.  In my brief internet search of this nail polish, I only found one review that didn't seem to have too much complaint, but she may not have used it much.  Once applied (I use it over the Snappy Sorbet), it has a rose gold appearance, which I actually like, but it is not smooth.  You will also need to trim any glitter pieces that stick off your nails with nail clippers or cuticle scissors.  Despite multiple coats of Seche Vite clear top coat (a thicker formula that I adore), I could not get my nails anywhere close to smooth with this glitter polish.

The bottom line: The solid colors are wonderful and make a great addition to your nail color collection.  The light colors are likely to be even better since the formula is thick enough to go on with one coat without trouble.  I'd stay away from the Snappy Sprinkles glitter polish.  Stick with a similar color from OPI, which tends to be a finer grain glitter with a slower drying time.

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