Friday, July 15, 2011

Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

I have dry lips.  I admit it.  They get chapped very easily, and I have spent a ton of money on balms and moisturizers, desperately trying to get them to stay hydrated and flake-free.  In warmer weather, my lips get that annoying layer of grossness that keeps me from using all my cute lip glosses and lipsticks because they only make it worse.  Fed up, I Googled until I couldn't Google any further, and determined that what I needed was some exfoliation!

My first trip to Lush, this product was top of my list (along with the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and the Comforter bubble bar, as well as the Buffy Bar).  One jar costs $8.95, which sounds like it's a bit pricey for only 25 grams, but you only use a teeny bit each time, so one jar will last you a long time!  There are 3 flavors of lip scrub: Bubblegum, Mint Julip, and Sweet Lips (chocolate and vanilla).

 The way it works is this: You put a teeny bit on your finger (I use my ring finger), and lightly scrub your lips, moving back and forth.  I actually keep my mouth open and work the scrub all the way around, even in the inner corners.  You can choose to lick the sugar off (it's 100% edible!), but I actually rinse mine off with lukewarm water, then follow up with a nice soothing lip balm.  I like Lush's Ultrabalm, or sometimes use Nivea Milk & Honey lip care.  I find that my lips have a bit better color, are softer, and my problems with dryness or that gross film have greatly reduced.  I can even wear my cute lip glosses again without worrying about discoloration, etc!

As you can see, the ingredients are all natural and totally safe to lick off.  Treat yourself (and your lips) and enjoy!