Tuesday, September 17, 2013

e.l.f. Disney Villains 2013 Nail Polish Collection: Review and Giveaway! [CLOSED]

The Reasonable Blog is back and better than ever - and we're celebrating with a GIVEAWAY!  (Sorry friends across the ponds... this one is only domestic because I can't ship it internationally, but look out for future giveaways for you!)

Look what I found!

e.l.f. (Eyes, Lips, Face) has released a 2013 Disney Villains set, and I managed to snag a couple of nail polish sets.  One for me, and one for a lucky reader!  First up, here's what's in there...

There are four villains highlighted in this set: Cruella, Ursula, the Evil Queen, and Maleficent. Each lascivious lady has three mini polishes. The set retails for $9.99... so if just two of the polishes turn out decent, you've gotten a pretty good deal.

Cruella De Vil

Cruella's colors (left to right)
Smokin' Hot
Smoky Brown


Maleficent's Colors (left to right)
Bubblegum Pink
Mod Mauve
Gina Girl

Evil Queen

Evil Queen's Colors (left to right)
Pot of Gold


Ursula's Colors (left to right)
Coral Dream
Mint Cream
Sea Escape

Sea Escape's color looked so unique in the bottle! A beautiful, glittery dark aqua blue with black undertones. I couldn't WAIT to get it on my nails, and this is what I got:
The colors are captured on camera pretty darn good, but from a distance, they don't show up quite as well. Regardless, it's a pretty color!

The finish of these colors is not as shiny as I prefer. I like glossy nails. These aren't exactly matte, they're just... dull. However, a nice shine can be achieved with a good glossy top coat. The colors are opaque (swatches are all 1 coat), pretty varied in shade, and not too bad, especially considering the price! My favorites are two of the more unique colors: Pot of Gold and Sea Escape. I also like the neutral colors Thunderstorm and Smoky Brown. 

Now for the giveaway! This will run until September 30 at midnight, EST. Good luck!


  1. I would have to pick Sleeping Beauty!

  2. My favorite Disney character, hands down, is Ariel! Love her <3

  3. I am such a sucker for Disney themed cosmetics!<3

  4. So many choices, Ariel, Maleficent, Jack Sparrow, Oswald, Flynn Rider, and Thumper are among the top. I could probably do a top 50 easily. :)

  5. My favorite Disney character is Princess Jasmine...Ariel and Aurora too lol. I can't choose one. Thanks for the giveaway! xo

  6. I don't know if it's because I'm Asian.....but I love Mulan, hahahaha!

  7. Alice. Disney's cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland is hands down one of my favorite movies of all time!

  8. Ariel. :) I've always had long red hair so when I was little I would pretend to be her while taking a bath.

  9. My favorite Disney character would be a tie between Belle or Alice!

  10. Definitely Belle!

    --Jennifer Dysart

  11. I love Ariel ,have since I was 5yrs old

  12. Ariel.... she is so beautiful and I just loved her hair!

  13. Definitely Belle, but Ariel's a close second!

  14. Alice. :) Also Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine and others. xD

  15. I love all of the less popular Disney movies.. I'm a bit of a hipster :p Like, I loved Atlantis, so probably Princess Kida

  16. I can't pick just one character. I loved Aurora when I was a little girl. I've always loved Alice and the Chesire Cat. Tigger is so cute and Bouncy and now I love Ariel and Rapunzel.

  17. Pascal from Rapunzel :) Soooo cute!!

    When I was little though I loved Ariel. I used to pretend I was her haha.

  18. I have a few characters :) Mulan, TinkerBell, and Stitch!!!

  19. Oh complicated. Do we include pixar? Because if we include pixar...then Carl from Up. If we don't...probably Jasmine. Or the genie.

  20. My favorite Disney character is Goofy :)


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