Monday, January 28, 2013

L'Oreal Infallible Shadows Review

After hearing a few very positive reviews on the L'Oreal Infallible Shadows, I finally caved and picked a couple up for my business trip.  I was across the country for a week for work, and I wanted to pack some shadows for versatile eye looks without packing whole palettes.  I thought these might be a nice option.

The two colors that I got are Smoldering Plum and Liquid Diamond.  I was eyeing Infinite Java, but it's a warm, goldfish brown color, and I worried that it would wash me out, so I put it back.

Smoldering Plum (left) and Liquid Diamond (right)

These single shadows are packaged very nicely!  They're soft with an almost cream shadow texture (except they're not cream shadows), so they're packaged so that they don't break and spill all over the place.

They come with little protectors under the lid to keep the shadow packed in, nice and neat.  It's probably best to keep these in the shadow, especially when traveling with these shadows, so that they're protected as much as possible.

These colors are beautiful!  I wanted something with some "oomph" to it, but not overly bright.  I can't even describe the consistency.  Wet powder?  If you've ever foiled your loose pigment shadows (i.e., Bare Escentuals shadows with a wet brush), this is reminiscent of that.  Pigmented, soft, needs to be patted on the lid with a flat shadow brush.  They are blendable.

Liquid Diamond is a very pretty cool silver that's great on the lid, especially on the inner half.  It brightens without looking too blue or too "Tin Man" like.  Smoldering Plum goes on very warm, almost like chocolate with a feminine purple tone.  It's great in the outer corner and blended into the crease.

I wear these two colors together and they look great.  The brightness of Liquid Diamond balances well with the gentle warmth of Smoldering Plum.  I find that this combination is pretty flattering for blue eyes as well.

Have any of you tried these shadows?  Which ones?  I'm thinking about picking up some more soon, and I'd love some suggestions!



  1. I have both of these and I love them. Smoldering Plum also looks great as a cat eye (applied with a damp angle brush). Also Amber Rush is another gorgeous color!

    1. Ooh, I'll have to check out Amber Rush! Thanks for the tips!


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