Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Lash Serum: Recipe and Review

A few weeks ago, I saw a video by Marlena on MakeupGeekTV (love her!) talking about a recipe for a lash serum that you can make yourself using three simple ingredients. There are clinical serums you can get prescriptions for, but those cost a ton of money and have been known to actually cause changes to your eye color, and there are products in the drugstore by makeup brands that make big claims but don't seem to really stack up.  So when she shared a recipe for something I could make at home, I was all 

The Recipe
  • 1 part aloe
  • 1 part castor oil
  • 2 parts vitamin E oil
Mix these three ingredients together and apply using a spoolie (or mascara brush... did you know it had a name?  Yup, learn something new every day.) before going to bed at night.  The result is supposed to be longer, fuller lashes.

I mixed my serum in a little travel pot I picked up at Target in the travel-sized aisle of the Beauty/Health department, and used a spoolie from an old mascara (cleaned, of course). The result is a liquid-gel hybrid serum that applies clear and not thick or goopy. There is no fragrance and my eyes do not get irritated.

My Experience
I've used this serum somewhat regularly. I did have a little bit of a cold that I was fending off and I did not use it then because I just didn't feel like putting anything extra on my eyes when my sinuses had plenty going on already. It hasn't stained my pillowcases or bothered my eyes in any way.

Each night after removing all my makeup, I dip the spoolie into the serum and mix it all up. Then I brush the spoolie on the edge of the jar (like you would with nail polish before applying to your nail), then apply directly to lashes like I would mascara.  I do make a point to get all the way to the base of the lashes. Because it's clear, I don't mind getting it on my eyelids. I've even gotten a smidge in my eye before, but because I wear contacts during the day, every day, my eyes are pretty used to it and weren't bothered at all.

My Results
I wish my lashes photographed (they're very blonde) so I could better document the results.  My lashes do look longer, but not super dramatic or anything. I don't notice that lashes themselves are thicker, but overall they are fuller and softer, to a noticeable degree.

Overall Opinion
I don't view this as much of a "lash growth" serum, but more like a lash conditioner. My lashes are fuller because they're not as dry. They're not falling out or breaking as much. I have dry skin and my hair gets dry pretty easily, so it's no surprise that my lashes get dry too, especially given the fact that I wear mascara almost every single day and I use makeup remover every night. This brings some moisture and softness back to my lashes, which allows them to grow longer and fuller, feel better (not near as itchy as normal), and hold mascara better.

I love the results of this serum and am planning to continue to use it. I'm hoping over time that I see a more noticeable difference in length. If any of you try it, let me know how it works for you!