Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Look: The Cinderella Palette

When I was a little girl, Cinderella was my favorite fairy tale.  She was kind and gentle, and she stayed that way despite how she was treated by others.  I'm not one of those girls who thinks a "prince" will come and rescue me (I was doing a pretty good job of taking care of myself), but I always liked the idea of a fairytale romance.  I've always been a romantic daydreamer.

When Sephora announced this palette, my first inclination was to pass.  A lot of the Disney princess stuff is just too juvenile and cutesy for me.  I didn't think I would be very interested.  Then I saw some pictures and read initial reviews.  This palette is a lot classier than I initially thought.  It's not cartoony or goofy at all.

Without further ado - the Cinderella Palette!

Open up the box and this is what you get:

A closer look at the writing (which is what eventually sold me):

The palette actually pulls completely out, like this:

The colors all have names significant to the movie:

 Maiden, All Aglow, Destined, Cinderelly, Pumpkin Coach

Ball Gown, Kill Joy, Fairy Godmother, Glass Slipper, Royal 

Gus Gus, Charming, Chateau, Palace, Drizella 

Cinders, Jaq, Midnight, A Wish, Rococo

An initial inspection of the formula shows they are pretty smooth and nicely pigmented.  I like that they're not too pigmented (meaning a little is SUPER DARK) - they're softer, more buildable.  

Another shot so you can see how smooth and soft they are:

I'm going to play around with the colors and report back on how they work out.

And the great thing about this palette?  The makeup pulls out, so when all is said and done, the beautiful box can be saved for whatever keepsakes.  I'm going to save mine for my daughter some day... and remind her that dreams DO come true - look at her father and me.  <3 div="div">