Friday, August 17, 2012

July Glossybox Review

After my recent tirade about beauty subscription boxes, I am a member of one lone service: Glossybox. It's one of the newest services here in the States, and it's also one of the most expensive.  I'm not yet committed to keeping this service ongoing, particularly since their shipping and billing appear to have numerous issues, but so far, it's okay.  Onto July's box!

This month's box had some shipping issues.  I opened my box and saw this:

There was a rather strong chemical smell that I suspect was from the hair conditioner (whose cap is located at the bottom right of the box) but I've never figured it out.  Anyway, everything was tossed in there haphazardly and it's a miracle everything didn't just leak everywhere.

The first item is Sebastian Color Ignite Multi-tone shampoo.

It's alright, but I would not purchase this product on my own.  I can't even recall the smell off the top of my head... clean, definitely.  It's fine.  Nothing to write home about.  This will never be a HG product for me.

Then we've got the accompanying conditioner:

Who would buy foaming conditioner?!  It reeks of aerosol or accelerant or something definitely unpleasant.  The product is lightweight, but not terribly effective.  Not only would I not purchase this product with my own money, but I probably will not use the entire sample and would decline future samples of this conditioner.

Our makeup product this month is a dual-ended lip gloss.  I don't recall the brand name... the packaging felt very cheap to me, and I actually thought maybe it was one of those no-name Dollar General products.  It's so sticky, I couldn't swatch it without cringing.  Gross.

Swatched, only one half shows up.

I had to wash my hand with hot soapy water to get the stickiness off.  Because I can't stand sticky gloss, this product is NOT for me.

Then we have Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm.  I haven't tried this but it looks lovely and I'm actually the most excited for this product out of the whole box.

Then we have Figs & Rouge Sweet Geranium organic balm.

I've tried this a couple of times as a lip balm.  It's nice... I need to keep using it to tell what it's best for.  Cool product.

Last but not least is the bonus item: Blushed fragrance toilette

I'm not really a big fan of most perfumes, so I'm not holding my breath (hahaha) on this one.  I might rip it open and test it out, but most of the time, I find that perfume samples are best placed in the garbage.

So, that's the July box.  I don't love it (obviously), but I'm not yet ready to cancel.  If August is equally as lackluster (and/or my box arrives in disarray like this one did), then I'll put my money elsewhere.  We all need to watch our wasteful spending, and I'm no exception.  Glossybox is too expensive to feel it's just mediocre.