Friday, July 27, 2012

Reasonable Deals

I love Philosophy products as much as the next beauty-product-obsessed gal, but the prices aren't always the best.  I'm not made of money (although wouldn't it be cool if I was?) and I'm the worst when it comes to lotions and bath products.  It's like beauty product ADD.  I will love and adore a lotion for a matter of days, then suddenly be distracted by the shiny gleaming temptation of a full bottle with a clean lid and unfaded label, and suddenly I find myself with 4 mostly-full bottles of lotion and conditioner.

I tend to get suckered into drugstore brand lotions, conditioners and hair styling products, and other body products because of their typically low price points and lots of options.  I oftentimes end up lamenting over the disappointment in those products (like Organix shampoo and conditioner) because many of them are priced low because they're just not the best quality.  Well, as many American beauty bloggers will tell you - there are ways to get better quality products for less!

Behold, the power of TJ Maxx!

I've found everything from the CHI straightening flat iron (which I am still kicking myself for not purchasing) to Deborah Lippmann nail polish to theBalm makeup to Philosophy at my local TJ Maxx.  Stores like this (including Ross and Marshall's) are very hit and miss - sometimes there are amazing, other times, it's all garbage.  On my last trip to TJ Maxx (to get a new pillow for my bed), I managed to score a couple of goodies for great prices.

I'm a sucker for anything peach scented or flavored.  Seriously... I love anything peach related (but I only like peaches, try to figure that one out).  I also love Philosophy products.  So when my eyes spied this Peaches with Cream lotion, I instantly snatched it up.  I like this lotion because it smells wonderful, is lightweight and not greasy, and the pump is really good quality.  Normally, this lotion is 26-28 dollars, but I got it for $14.99.

The second gem I found was this Kim Vo moisturizing conditioning hair mask (volumizing for fine hair).  It smells divine!  Very clean and light - I can't describe it very well, but it smells soothing and luxurious and clean.  I just scoop some in my hands in the shower, rub it in my hands to make sure it warms up, then put it on the lower part of my hair (keeping away from my roots).  This conditioner can be used as an intense mask on dry hair, or like regular deep conditioner in the shower on wet hair, like how I used it.  It did not leave my hair weighed down or greasy-looking.  It also didn't feel like it coated my hair with silicone or anything.  This conditioner is normally 36-38 dollars, and was listed at $14.99.

So, sometimes great deals come along that allow you to get high quality products for a reasonable price, and that's why I love TJ Maxx and Marshall's.  What deals have you found lately?


  1. I hear a lot about TJ Maxx on Youtube, I wish we had one here in the UK it sounds like such a fab shop. I found you through BBU bloghop and am now following :) Would love it if you could follow back <3

    1. You can find some great deals, but you have to sort through a LOT of garbage! Places like TJ Maxx and Marshall's (same company) tend to get products that just didn't sell well at other places, and a lot of times, that's because it's ugly or poorly made. But there are a few gems every now and then!

      Welcome to the blog! I'm checking yours out now. :-)


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