Monday, July 23, 2012

June Glossybox (in July)

So June's Glossybox finally arrived... in July!  Under normal circumstances, I'd be a little forgiving with shipping and billing issues, but Glossybox has been around for quite a while in a bunch of other countries, so the fact that the US version is off to a rocky start is a bit disappointing.

One reason I like Glossybox over some other beauty subscription services is because it's not just a bunch of face creams and hair oils (I'm looking at you, Birchbox).  It actually contains cosmetics and makeup.  That said, nothing in here seriously "wows" me, so I won't be purchasing anything in this box this month... unfortunately.  Nevertheless, it was nice to try out some new brands and see what's out there!

Onto the contents!

This month's makeup item is Beauty Addict's SHOW OFF Mascara.

The first thing I want to note about this mascara that makes it different from others is that it's the first mascara I have ever used that removed completely with a makeup removing cloth.  Because my natural hair color is platinum, my lashes are basically colorless.  (Fun, right?)  I can see every teeny dot of mascara and eye-liner that won't come off.  So, imagine my surprise when I went to remove this mascara after the first day of wear and it was completely gone.

Another thing that's neat about this mascara is the wand.

The wand has standard bristles, but the shape is slightly different.  I've seen other mascaras with bent bristles to help with harder to reach lashes, but this one is actually flat, which has made application even easier.  The first couple of times I tried the mascara, I like it okay, but the last time, it was too wet and thick, and I found that it really encouraged clumping.  The brush is nice, but the tube itself doesn't do the best job of removing excess product off the bristles, so it has a tendency to put excessive mascara on your lashes, which is a turn-off for me.  It retails for $20.

Up next is First Aid Beauty's Smooth Shave Cream:
This shaving cream is actually almost more like a lotion.  It doesn't lather and isn't very thick, but it gets the job done.  I don't really notice a distinct smell, and because I'm tall, I have to use a considerable amount to get coverage to shave with it.  I won't be purchasing this product in the future, but I understand that FAB makes a lot of great products, so I'll have to keep a look out for their products in the future.

My Glossybox also included the SheaTerra Organics Whipped Butter, which I was actually really excited about!

Until I smelled it.  I've heard SO many rave reviews of this product, so I was glad to see it in this box... until I opened it up.  Of all the yummy scents, I got Cape Lavender, which smells like old ladies taking up too much room in the aisle of the grocery store.  It's bad... really bad.  I won't even try it on my skin because it smells so awful.  If this pops up in my Beauty Army sample selection (in a different scent), I'm grabbing it.  Until then, no dice.

Up next is something that smells FAR better!  The Wella Hair Treatment for Fine hair.

I have longer hair, so this container is about two treatments, but it smells very nice - clean and cool.  You simply use it like you would any conditioner.  I felt like it did a nice job, and it didn't coat my hair or weigh it down, make it greasy, etc.  It was just a nice lightweight conditioning mask.  I am not planning to purchase a full-size tub of this, but that's because I have another hair mask I am about to try (more details in a later post), but this one is nice and is certainly an option in the future.

The last two things were a Kinerase skin firming gel or cream (which I don't need or really want) and a perfume sample.  I automatically throw away perfume samples, so they're not really interesting enough to blog here.  Plus this has gotten to be way too long already!

So, that's this month's Glossybox.  It's not terrible, but not fantastic either.  The best was definitely the hair conditioner, the most disappointing was the stinky lotion from SheaTerra.  If you get GlossyBox, what did you think of June's box?