Saturday, July 14, 2012

DailyLook Review

After a sudden onslaught of promotional "reviews" for DailyLook, I signed up for the emails to see what all the fuss was about.  For those of you who don't know, DailyLook is a website that emails daily outfits, such as the one featured above, and sells each element of the outfit at a discount price.  More often than not, there are two or more outfits available - jewelry, handbags, shoes, clothes, and belts are included.  You can buy the whole outfit or just individual pieces.

I watched weeks of outfits come and go without buying any, but when the above outfit popped into my email, I jumped.  It's definitely my style - glammed up a little without straying from casual; feminine but not floral or poofy; simple with bright spots of color.  I love the colors, the shoes, the bag... everything. So, I bit the bullet and grabbed my Visa.

I didn't order the whole outfit... those pants would never in a million years fit me properly, even if I ordered 2 sizes too large.  Designers seem to forget that taller girls also have longer torsos and thus need a longer rise than 6 inches.  Anyway, I said screw the jeans, belt, and necklace and ordered the lace blazer, top, bag, bracelet, and heels, and anxiously awaited their arrival.

Shipping time was decent.  It took a few days, but they did communicate via email to let me know.  I can't remember the method of delivery, but my package arrived in a little over a week's time.  It was in one of those plastic bags, not a box.  The blazer and shirt were packaged individually in clear plastic bags, and so was the handbag.  The shoes were in a shoebox and the bracelet was in a small jewelry-sized box.  The items were undamaged, but it was clear they'd been jostled around a lot in shipping due to the outer packaging.  Not a big deal.

This is where it gets disappointing.  Although the items are sold at reduced prices, I was surprised at the quality.  The shoes were purchased in a size 8.5, which is my size in most shoes, although I can oftentimes fit comfortably in a size 8, and they were WAY too small.  I have relatively narrow to normal feet, but these shoes were just way too short, and they felt cheap.

The purse was also very disappointing.  Although it was a pretty color, it was essentially just plastic wrapped around cardboard, and the chain proceeded to snag the lace blazer and rip it to shreds.  I was so bummed since it seemed like such a pretty bag.  It also was not really a cross-body bag, but I imagine on a much shorter girl, it could work.  The chain also pulls your hair out.

The top, although nowhere close to the color shown in the picture, was pretty good quality.  It fits a little awkward in the chest though.  The color is a grayish ivory color, which isn't exactly what's shown in the picture on the model.  The lace jacket was also nowhere near the color shown on the site.  It's a antique ivory, cream color.  It's a far, far cry from white or just off-white like in the pictures.  The size works well (I ordered a large because of my shoulders, but probably could make a medium work better) but the snags from the purse and the color are disappointing.

The bracelet isn't anything special, a lot more dull in person than in pictures, but seems like a decent quality for the price.  I've worn it several times and it's held up well.

The bottom line
I promptly returned the shoes and purse, and I wish they'd asked why I was returning them so that I could alert them to the problems.  Reading through some people's comments around the site lead me to believe that a lot of the items sold on DailyLook are cheaply made, but some are gems.  I think the key is learning which brands to trust.  It took over a week to get my money back (minus $5.99 for shipping because I refused a store credit) and I don't think I will be shopping with DailyLook again due to the quality of the items and the return policy.  I like the ideas in many of the outfits, but if I want cheap fashion pieces, I will stick with Forever 21, which is actually better quality with lower prices.

Have you shopped with DailyLook?  What did you get, and how did it work out for you?