Thursday, February 2, 2012

Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette Mega Review

I have been searching for a makeup palette to take with me for our wedding and honeymoon.  I absolutely adore my Naked 2 Palette (and the original one, for that matter) but we're going to be gone for 2 and a half weeks and we'll be in tropical locations, so I wanted something with a punch of color - something with lots of options, from neutral to fun.  I'm not wild enough to do neon colors, so I wanted something that had wearable variety.

Enter, Smashbox's Photo Op Mega Palette:

This palette has it all!

Eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, eyeliner, brow wax/powder, and lip color.  There are 56 shadows, 4 brow powders and a wax, 8 cream eyeliners, 2 blushes, 3 highlight colors, and 4 lip colors.

I've never used Smashbox products before, other than their Photo Finish Primer, which I wasn't a huge fan of, unfortunately.  However, a friend of mine uses their shadows and raves about them, so I was sort of curious to give them a try.  When I heard about this palette and saw the versatility and great packaging, I couldn't wait to try it out and possibly take it on our wedding and honeymoon travels!

I used a trio of shadows yesterday and again today, and I have to say - they're very soft, pigmented just right, and have great lasting coverage.  I like the way Smashbox has arranged these colors, keeping them organized in their original trios, so that you have suggestions for color combinations along with the freedom to do your own thing.

The blushes are very pigmented as well, which is nice, but I need to keep a lighter hand when applying these so I don't look like a clown.  The highlighters are great, but the only lip color that has real pigmentation is Bitten... the others are very, very sheer and I probably will not wear them because I won't carry this palette around for touch-ups throughout a regular day.

I think this palette is definitely worth the price tag, but if you find yourself only really wearing neutral colors, then stick with something like the Naked Palette (original or the second version... or both).  I wanted to venture out a little more and get some different colors, so this was great for me.

Swatches below...

 Quick Take trio: Serpent, Ambient, Vanilla

 Cover Shoot trio: Dusk, Haze, Flirt

 Head Shot trio: Chestnut, Golden Orchid, Linen

 Megapixel trio: Aubergine, Frambois, Frost

 Multi-Flash trio: Doe, Crisp, Naked

 Screen Shot trio: Roast, Cinnamon Toast, Nectar

 Hyperfocal trio: Obsidian, Rose, Mist

 Aperature trio: Truffle, Sky, Alabaster

 Stage One quad: Putty, Bliss, Blacktop, Aristocrat

 Filter trio: Sumatra, Sable, Vanilla

 Telephoto trio: Nocturnal, Amethyst, Vapor

 Focal Point trio: Java, Flamingo, Champagne

 Dark Room trio: Blackout, Granite, Opal

 Develop trio: Royal, Zoom, Oyster

 Auto Expose trio: Ash, Cabernet, Parfait

 Light Speed trio: Peacock, Azure, Butter

 Shutter Speed trio: Thunder, Vapor, Sand

 Softbox quad: Minx, Fizz, Pebble, Sienna

 Posy Pink blush, Warm Apricot blush, Lens, Prism, Shimmer highlighters

 Cream eyeliners: Ivy, Gilt, Picasso, Lava, Midnight Purple, Image, Midnight Brown, Caviar

 Brow powders: Blonde, Taupe, Auburn, Brunette

 Lip colors: Buff, Bitten, Guava, Mulberry