Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sigma Series #2: F84 Angled Top Kabuki

This is the second review in my Sigma Series.  The first review can be found here.

The Sigma F84 Angled Top Kabuki (from the Sigmax duo), is one of my all-time favorite foundation brushes!  It's a synthetic brush, which helps it absorb product less than natural brushes.  It's densely packed and very soft.  The handle fits easily in my hand and the brush allows for very strategic and flawless application of foundation. 

What I like
I like this brush for the reasons I stated above.  It's so soft and easy to hold.  I put liquid foundation on my face in various places, then use this brush to buff and blend into a nice, airbrushed look.  It doesn't bleed dye, and I like the quality.  The bristles do not splay or shed.

What I don't like
Cleaning it!  Haha, I joke.  

Because the bristles are so dense and I use a higher coverage foundation, I do have to take more care in cleaning the brush.  I love this brush (and the two other brushes from this line), so taking care to keep them clean and properly stored is worth it.

This brush can be purchased as part of the Sigmax Duo, which is on sale for $24.

Disclaimer:  I am now an affiliate for Sigma.  However, I am not compensated for my reviews and all endorsements are honest.