Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Closed] Maybelline Baby Lips Review and Giveaway

I was in Ulta the other day (I know! I was NOT SHOPPING - I was redeeming an old rewards coupon and nothing more) and the girls behind the counter were complaining because the next round of rewards certificates are about to go out and one of the products on the list is Maybelline Baby Lips.

Peach Kiss, Grape Vine, Cherry Me

The reason the girls were complaining is because they've been sold out for weeks. One girl said even Target and the surrounding drugstores were sold out and no one can find them anywhere. I shook my head... people are still going crazy for these?

The product claims: "Lip renew formula and 8-hr hydration for visibly renewed lips in 4 weeks." When I type "Maybelline " into Google, the first suggested string completion is " Baby Lips".

Really? I mean... really?!

Essentially what we have here is tinted unmedicated lip balm. I can't count how many YouTube beauty "gurus" raved and raved about these a couple months ago. I have to admit... I don't get the hype. My lips tend to be dry, and I'm always looking for a lip balm that will help my situation. Although this claims to have great hydration, I didn't find that to be the case. It doesn't dry my lips out... it just doesn't add a lot of moisture.

They are scented - Peach Kiss smells like Peach Snapple, Cherry Me smells like Spree candy, and Grape Vine smells like grape soda.  I do not notice a taste, but the scent does appear to linger a while and is not overwhelming.

Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Grape Vine

I don't think these are completely useless... they make great lip tints.  The colors are very sheer, and don't let Grape Vine's scary looking dark purple color frighten you away - it adds a gentle wash of cool-toned color to your lips.  I wore it all day today and it worked very well.  My lips weren't dry when I first put it on and they weren't dry this evening.

Between the sheer color and the sweet candy smell, you have a nice handy lip color to keep in your bag, but don't keep this around for treating dry lips.  They do have SPF and provide some moderate protection, but do not last so long that you won't need to reapply.

With that said...

I have two new-sealed-in-package Maybelline Baby Lips (Cherry Me and Grape Vine) and I'm having a little giveaway...

I'm going to call it the "Is it just me? Giveaway".  I will give one away on my YouTube Channel, and one away here.  All I ask is that the winners try them out and tell me - am I the only one who doesn't get the hype?

Please enter by leaving a comment on this post.  You may only enter once.  For additional chances, visit my YouTube video and comment there.  It is open internationally.

Good luck!