Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is it worth it?: Benefit's They're Real Mascara review

I've tried plenty of mascaras in my time, from drugstore to high end - Maybelline to Givenchy - but it's not often that I give into a hyped up product without regret.  So, I reluctantly, but excitedly, decided to give Benefit's They're Real mascara a try.

The wand has a similar feel to my drugstore favorite, Maybelline's One by One Volume Express mascara, in that it has those short, plastic bristles that tend not to get product completely gooped on them.  However, the end of the brush has a rounded tip with shorter bristles - similar to Givenchy wand.  This is perfect for getting the shorter lashes in the corner of your eyes and even getting closer to the lash-line to get the look of thicker, fuller lashes without caking on the mascara.

In general, I really like this mascara.  It's lightweight, elongating, and long-lasting.  The wand is great and application is easy.  I don't think it's technically waterproof, but this mascara is one of the most difficult to remove that I've ever used!  I usually use a Ponds makeup-removing cloth to take off my makeup at night, and I was still getting MAJOR raccoon eyes in the morning in the shower.  Then I started using special eye-makeup remover and cotton balls, then the makeup-removing cloth and I was STILL getting raccoon eyes!  So, if your eyes water or you find that your mascara tends not to last all day, definitely try this mascara.  It stays put through a lot!

Would I purchase this again? Is it a holy grail.  Ehm... the jury's still out.  I like it, that's for sure, and I would recommend it to friends (and readers), with the caveat mentioned above, but I don't like having to rub at my eyes a lot to get the makeup off, so this isn't the best "everyday mascara" for me.  It's better for special occasions and days where I need a dramatic look that isn't going to fade over time.  I think that's its strong point... it's lasting power, ease of application, and ability to really enhance my lashes without clumps or the dreaded "spider eyes".

Did you try it?  What do you think?