Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Battling dry hands

Because I'm drinking so much water these days, I'm going to the ladies room more often... which means I'm washing my hands in hot, soapy water more often.  Because the air is so cold and dry, this is wreaking havoc on my hands.

I've tried a bunch of different lotions, and the one I keep on my desk at work is the Aveda Hand Relief that I got in my Birchbox months ago.  It works alright, but it's not the deep moisturizer that I really need.

I kept hearing about Soap & Glory's Hand Food and I read really good reviews.  So, at my wits end with red hands that hurt, I ordered this with my last Sephora haul.  I meant to order a small tube of it to try out, but I got the bigger one by accident.  It's okay though, because I get why so many people like it!  It's thick and creamy, but dries quickly and doesn't leave my hands greasy at all.  I can put my rings back on my fingers within moments after rubbing this lotion into my skin.  My hands are very noticeably softer and I love it.

The one thing I don't love is the fragrance.  It's not bad or anything... it's just a little bit strong.  Although it fades over time, I'm pretty sensitive to smells and I wear only a little perfume.  I feel like my lotion sort of overpowers the perfume now.  I'd heard a lot of people say that they love the smell, so I may be in the minority.  Again, it doesn't smell bad... it's just a little too strong for a hand lotion, in my opinion.

Still, I haven't had this kind of relief from dry winter hands ever, so I'm going to continue using Hand Food, and I'd recommend it to others (so I'm recommending it to you!).

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