Friday, December 30, 2011

December 2011 Eco-Emi Box review

I received my first Eco-Emi box and wanted to review the products inside.  Eco-Emi is a monthly subscription service (like Birchbox) where, for $15 a month, you get at least 5 deluxe samples of products that are organic and earth-friendly.  Some of them are beauty related, others are more lifestyle. They tend to arrive toward the end of the month - and yes, they ship internationally!  Get more information here:

First of all, the packaging is SPECTACULAR.  Everything was beautifully wrapped and I'm very, very impressed.  The box was jam-packed with goodies.

There was a pair of Maggie's organic socks.  These are really thick and cushiony, very well made.  I love the color and how they're winter-themed.  I've worn them several times, and they wash very well with no bleeding of color or stretching out around the top band.  I can see possibly ordering more and giving as gifts.  They're wonderful!

Next up is a raw cacao spread from Artisana.  It's vegan (I am a meat-eater, but never against vegan recipes/foods), but looks pretty cool.  I have not tried this yet, but supposedly it is very good on lightly toasted bread.  Might be a nice treat someday soon.

Then we have Vitamin C chews from Genesis Today.  The bag has 10 individually wrapped chews.  They're about the size of a Starburst candy, but rectangular shaped.  They taste like lime/citrus, and are soft and chewy, a consistency very similar to Starburst, but not quite as smooth.  My fiance and I liked them.

Then they included a trial size of Green Shield Free & Clear Laundry Detergent.  We've recently switched to detergent that is free of dyes and perfumes in order to reduce skin irritation and allergens.  My fiance has body acne and I have Keratosis Pilaris and it's my theory that some of it is exacerbated by perfumes in our detergent, so we switched.  This may be a product worth exploring further, but we are really happy with our current brand.

Just in time for Christmas, they included a soy candle from Wyk in Whispering Pine... which, you guessed it, smells like a Christmas tree!  It's a nice little tea light.  Because Christmas is over, I won't burn it, but I will keep it closed and use it next year if the scent is still there.

Next was the Zambeezi organic beeswax lip balm in Tangerine.  I have tried this a few times and actually have found that my lips get worse.  I'm not sure if it was all the traveling and/or the weather, but this was a big disappointment.  The flavor was good, but the moisture-power was low, if even existent at all.

Lastly (in addition to some face/body wash samples and coupons for all the products featured), is the Botanicals Lip Gloss from Laura Brooke Cosmetiques.  The color is actually pretty good in terms of pigmentation, and it's not actually very glossy.  It's almost like a thinner lipstick.  The color is a peachy-pink color, but it's surprisingly flattering on me.  (My skintone is fair with pink undertones.)  I like it because it's visible, but not overly dramatic... perfect for the office.  I also like it because it doesn't dry out my lips or bleed.  It's easy to apply and lasting power is pretty average.  A good find!

Gizmo the Cat Beauty Expert thanks you for your time!