Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mirrored Vanity on a Budget (with links!)

My husband and I recently redid the bathrooms in our home. Most of the changes were just minor cosmetic changes with new toilets and paint, but we elected to totally gut our Master bathroom and redesign. I gave up my tub (that wasn't really used very often) and we had a large tiled custom shower built, plus new flooring and new bathroom cabinets and sinks. Now I had space for my dream vanity.

Picture source - Pier1 imports

Arguably the most popular mirrored vanity is the Hayworth Collection vanity from Pier1 imports. I have wanted one since we bought our house, but because our bathroom didn't have enough room, I held off. Now that I had my own little available corner, I started doing the math.

  • The vanity itself is $399.95 with a $40.00 large package surcharge.
  • The mirror is $229.95 with a $15.00 large package surcharge.
  • The matching bench seat is $169.95 with a $15.00 large package surcharge.
This adds up to $869.85 before tax and does not include any organizational details that I may want to add. 

I looked at ways to get the price lower. I can take 10% off the prices of each unit by signing up for emails from Pier1. I can elect to pick up in store and avoid large package surcharges, which takes my total to about $719.87 before taxes. If I go through Ebates (and you should ALWAYS go through Ebates before shopping online. I can't tell you how much money I've gotten back for nothing!) then I can get an additional 2% cash back from the total, which would give me back about $15.40... Still over $700 before tax. That's pretty pricey and I haven't gotten to the organizing elements.

So... I took a different approach. And here it is!

This vanity is by SEI and is easy to put together. It just involves putting the legs on and then inserting the drawers and putting on knobs. The table has two deep drawers (as opposed to Pier 1's one flat drawer). I can put my palettes on their sides and they fit nicely, which is great for organization as well as protecting my makeup.

The drawers have a lining that keeps things protected:

The stool, which wasn't a companion piece to the vanity table but worked out really well, took a little effort to put together. The cushion is a pearlescent, alligator-skin type material (don't worry - it's faux!) with pretty crystal elements.

The mirror is smaller than what I had originally planned on getting, but I liked the shape and quality. Of course, I wanted to maximize use of space, so I got the idea to stack the mirror on top of some acrylic organizers in order to raise it up to where I need it, plus allow me to store my lip products, single shadows, blushes, etc. I also got an acrylic organizer to sit off to the side. To keep my brushes, I used two hammered metal candle holders I've had for a long time.

This setup ended up turning out PERFECTLY! So how much did I spend?
  • The vanity table was purchased for $194 on Amazon.
  • The mirror was purchased for $149 on Amazon. That particular one is currently unavailable, but here is a similar one.
  • The seat was purchased for $103.39 on Amazon. As of the writing of this post, it is a lower price of $80.62.
This brought my total to $446.39, significantly less than the Pier1 Imports option! As an added bonus, it also allows more storage in the drawers.

Here are some detail shots of the organizers I got to sit on top:

So that's it - that's my new setup. I love how I can see everything and how I finally have a special place where I can sit and put on my face. It's pretty, is a great size, and holds a lot of stuff.

I am thinking about doing a video tour of the vanity so you can see all the details and get a better feel for how it all came together. If this interests you, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


*Some referral links listed. All items shown were purchased by me with my own money. This post is not sponsored and I received no compensation for using or posting about any items.