Thursday, June 11, 2015

Healthy Eating

We've all heard the phrase "Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym." Well, as I'm trying to get my post-pregnancy body back into something I'm at least a little comfortable with, I've started spending a little more time in the kitchen and a little more attention to what we're putting in our bodies. Here are some meals we enjoyed last week!

 Meal One: Grilled Chicken Bruschetta (with chopped salad and fresh baked bread)

This recipe was delicious! Here's the link.

Meal Two: French Dip (with steak fries and homemade cole slaw)

This one made WAY too much food, which is actually a rarity in our house, and was too time intensive. We enjoyed it, but it's easier to just order this from a restaurant if we're really in the mood. It did taste very good, though! Here's the link.

Meal Three: Ranch Pork Chops (with roasted new potatoes and green beans)

Tasty and easy to make. A nice, simple meal. Here's the link.

Other meals included flank steak with chimichurri sauce (with corn and salad) and pizza delivery from a local place. I am saving recipes to my Pinterest board here, so join me and pin along!

In an effort to get more vegetables into our diet and still keep things satisfying and delicious, I've planned this week's meals from two trusty favorite cookbooks, both ordered from Amazon (here and here). I always feel so much better when I eat well... don't you?