Saturday, May 30, 2015

This Week's Workouts

I made it through the first week back to working out! Here's what (and how) I did.

Day Workout
Total Cardio Fix + walk 2 miles
Rest (family time)
Upper Body Fix
Lower Body Fix
Pilates Fix + quick walk

I have a long history of starting a DVD workout and quitting halfway through because I'm tired, bored, distracted, whatever. One thing that attracted me to the 21 Day Fix is that the workouts are 30 minutes long and they have modifiers (which I never followed in the past). Because I'm still healing from labor & delivery, I resolved to do the workouts in their entirety using the modifications. It actually worked out well - I completed the workouts and was able to focus on my form and listen to my body better.

Day 1: Total Cardio Fix (and a 2-mile walk with baby and puppy... hubby too)
Although I'm not following the diet for 21 Day Fix, I did follow the recommended order of workouts on the DVDs. The first workout, Total Cardio Fix was reasonable, but tough! My legs and booty were burning for a couple of days after, and I was stiff the next day, despite the long walk later that evening.

Day 2: Rest
The plan doesn't call for a rest day, but I took one because my son was being baptized and we hosted a big family cookout at our house after. I was on my feet, running around getting food prepared and the baby ready for church, so it was busy enough as it was. I honestly did not have time to work out, nor the energy.

Day 3: Upper Body Fix
This one went by surprisingly fast - usually workouts devoted to arms are boring as crap! This one included abs as well, and the moves were gentle enough for postpartum, so I enjoyed the workout a lot more than expected. I did do all the modified moves, and decided at the end of this workout that next week, I will continue the modifications but increase the weight for a bigger push.

Day 4: Lower Body Fix
Ugh, leg day! I didn't love this one... I actually felt like it wasn't hard enough, even though I paused several times and didn't complete the minute. I may have just not been in the mood.

Days 5 - 6: Fail
Tuesday afternoon, I had a dentist appointment and Wednesday was a lunch date with my mother-in-law. I had intentions of working out in the mornings before showering and heading out to appointments, but I ended up nursing and snuggling baby instead. And evenings were spent dozing on the couch. Not good excuses at all, but there it is. I actually contemplated scratching this week and starting this post next week, but the whole point of these is to be honest and open, so there it is. I got lazy and distracted and didn't do what I was supposed to do. You should see my FitBit counts for these two days... ouch!

Day 7: Pilates Fix
I started the workout with a really short walk around the block to get my son to take his morning nap so I could work out. I put him in his swing and buckled him in, set the video monitor on him, headed down to the basement, and fired up the DVD. Five minutes in, momma duties were needed and I ended up pausing the workout to go nurse and soothe baby. When my husband came home, I tried again. Completed the workout, with the exception of the last round - it's on your stomach, and I am breastfeeding so I can't really comfortably do those. Instead, I jogged a little on the treadmill until I was once again called for duty.

Overall, it wasn't a terrible week with workouts, but it could have been better. And my eating could have been WAY better. I'm planning meals for the next week and am hoping to get back to healthier choices and fewer binges on junk. Potato chips and sweets are the death of me. And of course, I've just discovered S'mores Oreos. Uh oh!

Here's hoping for a stronger Week 2!