Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quick Review: Maybelline Clean Express Makeup Removing Wipes

I picked up several items from the Maybelline Clean Express line (more on the others later), but I wanted to share my thoughts on these wipes very quickly.

Let's just say I won't be repurchasing these wipes. They work okay for removing makeup (I don't wear waterproof mascara and hardly ever wear waterproof liner), but mostly just smeared it around my face. The worst part is the taste they leave on my lips. It tastes like… chemicals. Very gross, and doesn't exactly make me feel good about the ingredients and chemicals in this wipes.

They won't be wasted - I'll use them to remove swatches while taking pics for this blog, but I won't use these on my face again. I feel like that's such a random reason to stop using a product - it didn't taste good? Have any of you ever done that? Stopped wearing a makeup item because it smelled or tasted funky? I think if they'd tasted bad but removed my eye makeup well, that would be a different story. But because these mostly just smear it around my face, it's just not enough to keep me interested.

What was the last beauty item you put aside for a random reason? Tell me about it in the comments!