Monday, January 21, 2013

Holiday Weekend Haul!

My husband and I had to run errands today and I was out of my favorite nighttime face cream, so we did a little shopping.  I thought y'all might enjoy a little haul post to share what I picked up!

J. Crew Outlet

At the J.Crew outlet, I was looking for a bubble necklace.  I've seen them around and wanted to get one, but they only had two colors: royal blue and coral.  I wasn't wild about either color, but I was going to get the coral one until I saw the price.  $88.  Yikes.  Even with the 30% discount, it was still too expensive for what it is.  So, I kept looking.  And these are what I ended up purchasing:

I really like this necklace.  It's similar to the bubble necklace, but it's smaller, and actually a little more understated, if that makes sense.  I like the color and it should look cute with several different color tops.

The other item I picked up was this gold chain bracelet.  I have really small wrists and this fit me pretty well.  The above pic doesn't use flash, so it's a little yellowed out, but you get the idea.  Some rings have texture which gives off a little more sparkle and makes it look more feminine and fun.  This bracelet feels really high quality too.

C. Wonder

Sorry the picture above is a little off, but you get the idea.  This was my first time visiting C. Wonder and they have some really cute stuff!  I didn't try on any of their clothes, but the jewelry immediately caught my eye.  Again, I have small wrists, so their bracelets appealed to me.

The first bracelet is a gold bangle with heart studs all over it.  The hearts are attached at different angles, giving the bracelet a really unique look.  It's really sturdy and good quality.

The second bracelet is also a gold bangle, with black fabric and gold studs.  I think these two bracelets look really nice together.  I added the J.Crew chain bracelet for a fun look.  See my Instagram (reasnableblonde) for pictures!

The final picture didn't come out so well, but I also picked up gold knot studs with crystal embellishments.  Now that my hair is super short, some dangly earrings don't work as well, so I wanted to get some prettier stud earrings.

Spritz Fragrance

I wanted to try a new perfume and I've heard good things about Escada.  I tend to gravitate towards fruity or spicy scents, as opposed to floral, and my favorites are Katy Perry Purr (I know, I know), Aqualina Pink Sugar, and Vera Wang Lovestruck.  I smelled a few different kinds, but my husband liked this one, Sexy Graffiti, best.  I agree... it has a fruity tone to it, but it's warm and spicy too.  I like how it "cooked" on my skin.  Very winter to spring appropriate!

And finally...


I ran out of night cream for my face (Celestial), so that was what I was looking for, first and foremost.  I picked up a jar of Celestial, plus my first Lush face mask - Cosmetic Warrior.  It's supposed to soothe skin and clean off the grime from makeup and the environment.  It's made with garlic, and you can smell it in there a little bit.  However, it's not overpowering.  I'll update you all on how it works, if you're interested.

I also picked up a Twilight bath bomb, which scents and softens bath water.

My favorite bubble bar - The Comforter!  This particular chunk can broken up and can probably make 2-3 bubble baths.  It smells SO nice and makes the water hot pink but does not stain my tub.

This is the Golden Slumbers bath bomb, which helps relax you for a sound night's sleep.

And, finally, the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar... a perennial favorite.  This could technically makes 2 bubble baths, but I might just make one REALLY bubbly bath.  I love the smell!

Okay, that's everything I picked up today.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Oooo love the necklace from J Crew!!!

  2. please review the lush products! ive always wanted to try lush products but im not sure which ones would be for me.


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